I was hoping for an above-the-fold story on the front page about my experience with Marathon, but below-the-fold works well. Reporter Denise Grant wrote a great account in Friday’s Courier. A minor detail is that I was not in the parking garage but on the alley between the garage and Marathon’s Hancock Hotel.

I rode my bike about 10 feet on the alley but exited in 10 seconds after I realized that perhaps Marathon might own the alley. Since I was not in the garage, no video or eyewitness account exists.

I just checked Google images. There are, for example, thousands of photos of the FBI building in Washington as well as thousands of photos of Marathon.

Most of the public can take photos and videos via smartphones at any time. Seems 90 percent of the public are walking cameras.

For government and private sectors, this ability of the public is thousands of times more beneficial for everyone’s safety. An incident takes place, and security cameras might not document what happened.

Governments and private sector entities can reach out to the public for help asking anyone with video or photos to come forward. The public is willing to help.

It is legal to take photos from public property of whatever the eye can see.

Michael J. Phillips




Liberals don’t owe President Trump and his supporters a thing. It is an honor being called a liberal. Liberals are fighters for justice, inclusion and equal rights for all who have been mistreated and isolated from society.

Biblical teachings show Jesus is a liberal. His teachings based on compassion, equality, forgiveness, tolerance, peace and love are 100 percent liberal.

I’m not surprised some Trump supporters don’t know “immoral” means disrespect, injustice, and hate toward others. Immoral describes Trump acting like a dictator — believing he is above the law. Fox News host Shepard Smith said Trump lies to spread mistrust in our intelligence agencies, the FBI and judicial branch, therefore putting America in danger.

I hope Nichols, Harris, Killebrew and Bissell have their misinformation and name-calling out of their systems (letters, June 4-6) and begin to think rationally. Sending children to detention centers against their will and separated from their family is neither mandated nor law. This new “zero tolerance” policy is intended to punish immigrant parents and children.

Recently, two senators were barred from entering immigration facilities. A facility supervisor refused to give Sen. Jeff Merkley a statement about children under the supervisor’s watch. The supervisor called the police, and the senator was ordered to leave the property. As usual, Trump and his administration scorn transparency and accountability.

Hispanic immigrants are facing the same racial and religious discrimination and intolerance that Italian immigrants faced when they first came to America. Welfare workers and volunteers helped Italian immigrants meet their basic needs and become successful Irish Americans.

I assume Trump supporters believe inhumane imprisoning and traumatizing of children in a dog kennel-style facility with blacked windows and no sunlight is reasonable and moral.

Trump supporters need the same moral courage as liberals to oppose these vile, racist, and bigoted actions.

Don Iliff