In the mid-1800s, hundreds of thousands of Irish and German immigrants moved to the U.S. Many of the Irish came across the Canadian border.

There were no immigration laws until about 1890 and even then the primary law was if you were diseased you would not be admitted.

At one point there were more Irish in the U.S. than in Ireland. Since so many Irish were coming, the White Native American Party was formed. It transitioned into the American Party and then to the “Know Nothing” Party.

The Know Nothing Party wanted to stop all Irish immigration. Many wanted to expel them. They believed that the Irish were unintelligent, lazy, drunkards, and that their Catholic beliefs would cause major problems with the Know Nothing Protestant beliefs.

The Irish, though, got jobs in law enforcement, as railroad workers, miners, and some became gang members. The women primarily got jobs as maids or domestic workers. They were hard workers.

The Germans and the Chinese went through a similar transition although the Chinese did receive an exclusion law.

Would the Irish, Germans, and Chinese have been admitted under today’s immigration laws? Would there have to have been a wall in Canada to prevent the illegal immigration?

One additional note, there have been only three times in modern history where children have been separated from parents. They were during slavery, the Jews in Germany, and Native American children who were sent to boarding schools to become “educated.” They were often chained to their beds at night so they could not run away.

Why not just deport the illegal immigrants as a family, since removing children from parents is apparently not stopping them from coming? Psychologically, the kids are being damaged by being removed and in many cases, put into dog cages. Is this a Christian thing to do?

Sending them back is the law. I wonder how my ancestors from Ireland would have felt if the same applied to them at that time period.

Mike Hocanson



Again, a spring concert performance, if you will, this time by the Carey Blue Devils marching band on the lawn of the Dorcas Carey Public Library on Monday.

Again, this time a medley of tunes including a couple of patriotic songs: “Battle Hymn Of The Republic,” “This Land Is Your Land” and the national anthem. Again, nobody took a knee. Again, it would seem that “lily white Findlay” (James Brant, letter June 4) is not the only place where patriotic values are alive and well.

Kudos to the kids and band director Philip Miller for a fine performance!

Janet Quarrie



As a former Findlay native, I believe it is shameful of Marathon to bully Mr. Phillips with a trespassing charge. Marathon needs to do the right thing and drop the charge.

Patrick McDonald

Homosassa, Florida


I think it is really cool that Ben Roethlisberger organized a softball game for Findlay High athletics. Not only did Ben come, but pretty much the entire Steelers offensive line did as well.

David Borkosky