Don Iliff’s letter (July 2) has a familiar ring to it. It sounds just like the hateful and incendiary narrative broadcast 24/7 on MSNBC, CNN and, to a slightly lesser extent, the other alphabet networks.

What they lack in facts and thoughtful analysis they make up for in nonstop criticism.

It’s sad that people allow themselves to get stuck in this negative pattern of thought that breeds the anger and frustration so clearly displayed in Don’s letter. But, unfortunately, discontent is a hallmark of liberalism.

To be effective, a lie or mistruth needs to start with a bit of truth followed by a pinch of deception while being aided by some facts taken out of context and, bingo, you have just entered a series of rabbit trails that lead inexorably away from the truth. That is the skill set of MSNBC and CNN.

The most recent example is the illegal immigration issue which is being portrayed as something new when, in fact, the Obama administration had 80 detention facilities housing some 2,800 children, as reported by the left-friendly Newsweek magazine.

Until the Democratic leadership acknowledges the authority of immigration laws and shares the responsibility of past mistakes in not enforcing the laws, this issue will remain a political football with no practical solution.

Rational Democrats have been abandoned by their own party as the party leadership has moved further and further to the left over the last 30 years.

The split in the Republican Party is quite evident, but the divide in the Democratic Party is more subtle. Many Democrats are Democrats because their family history was Democrat, not because they identify with the likes of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders.

My advice to Iliff is to turn off the news and avoid the negativity. God is in control and his will will prevail.

Donald Trump is not going away anytime soon and all the hollering and screaming will not change that. It’s a biblical concept that hatred harms the one harboring the hatred much more than it does the object of the hatred.

Larry Richards




Regarding the letter from Diane Swing (June 24) that said “there’s no prize for “me-first” drivers: Thank you, Diane, I could not have put it any better.

I drive around 25,000-35,000 miles a year for work and I see what you’ve described, and more. It makes me wonder how these folks were ever issued a license to get behind the wheel.

I believe the issues Swing described may stem from so much of our society suffering a severe case of self-importance, as well as being overly self-absorbed.

Robert Siwa




Re: Jim Killebrew (letter, July 5): I do find it funny that you’re arguing that socialism as an economic model has never succeeded, while in the very same letter, lamenting the capitalism-induced financial crises that have been crippling the middle class for the last 30-odd years.

Jake Laird