… Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Pet Sitters International founded this special day and wants dogs to come into the workplace and interact with dog owners and nondog owners alike to show how dogs can fit into our lives seamlessly!

Dogs are marvelous companions, and they want to be with us; they are pack animals, after all. Bringing dogs together with people on this special day will improve worker morale, help boost participating companies’ positive image and spread the word about animal adoption.

Every day here at Heloise Central is Take Your Dog to Work Day; ask at your company if you can give it a whirl!

– Heloise

P.S. Use #takeyourdogtoworkday to follow updates on all the major social media platforms.


I’d like to answer Peter and Lois from Michigan about hiring older workers: Your school district is always looking for good, dependable employees: bus drivers, monitors, teachers’ aides, cleaners and lunchroom workers.

Take it from one who’s been there: You won’t get rich, but you’ll have a rewarding job shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

– Lester H., Lodi, N.Y.

Marvelous! Kids need all the positive role models they can get, so why not an older person who is rich with life experience?

– Heloise


I’ve seen micellar water in the cleanser aisle at the drugstore. What is it?

– Heidi G.,

Youngstown, Ohio

Heidi, micellar water is a type of cleanser. It looks like clear water, but it doesn’t feel like water. There are tiny spheres of cleansing oil infused in the water. The oil can “grab on to” dirt and oil and cleanse your skin.

This cleanser can work nicely for those with drier skin, but some users have complained of eye irritation. Talk to your dermatologist about micellar water.

– Heloise


During the slower pace of summer, check out the plethora of continuing education opportunities. You can find everything from cake decorating to cooking, honing your computer skills, painting, dancing and even welding! Many courses are free; others are available for a nominal fee.

– Heloise


When I make cornbread, I replace ¼ of the milk called for with either plain yogurt or sour cream (reduced fat works fine) and bake as directed. This makes the cornbread moister.

– Susan M., via email

We love cornbread here in Texas; I think I’ll give this a whirl!

– Heloise