… opening pill bottles. What can I do?

– Edith S., Hanson, Mass.

Edith, all you have to do is tell the pharmacist that you do not want childproof caps. But remember, if you are going to have young children in your home, make sure to safely store your medication.

– Heloise


If you want to increase the volume of your cellphone, put it in a ceramic bowl. You’ll be amazed how well this works.

– Jordan W., Speedway, Ind.


I set the table, and when I went to light the votive candles, which were at the bottom of long, tapered candleholders, I found I didn’t have matches with long, wooden stems. So, I lit the end of a piece of uncooked spaghetti, then lit the candles without burning my hands.

– Sandy C. in St. Louis


At first I was embarrassed to ask if a movie theater, hotel, car rental, etc., offered senior discounts. Unfortunately, most places don’t tell you about senior discounts, but many companies offer them to increase business/profits. Please tell your readers to embrace asking for senior discounts if they’re over 55 years old.

– Sam H.,

Madison, Wis.


I send my young nieces a book instead of a card for their birthday. It’s about the same price, and they love a cute story to read instead of a disposable card.

– Melody T. in Illinois