… with information I hope I never need:

Husband: cellphone and car info (make, model, color, license number)

Wife: cellphone and car info (make, model, color, license number)

Pets: names and descriptions (plus location, if caged)

Pet care: Prearrangement with friend or kennel to come pick up pets in an emergency — name, contact person and phone number

Family doctor: name and phone number

Closest relative: name and phone number

Closest friend: name and phone number

Neighbor: name, address and phone number

– Susan P.,

New Braunfels, Texas

Here’s a Heloise hug for you, Susan. Readers, hand out this card to a trusted neighbor, and customize your list for your family.

– Heloise


For walkers with no seat: When sitting in a chair with no arms (i.e., a restaurant, dining table, etc.), I turn the walker around backward and push/roll it until the walker touches (surrounds) the back of the chair. This gives me arms to grab ahold of, plus it gets the walker out of the way. This also is useful in a restroom stall.

– Julia P., Albany, Texas


I know, I know — I shouldn’t carry a balance on my credit card. However, right now I do, and at a high interest rate. I called the bank and asked if they would lower my interest rate. They did! It was really nice of them to work with me.

– Anne in Pennsylvania