… sure you get copies of all medical tests, operations, hospital stays and the doctor’s findings to keep for your records.

I recently tried to get records from a prior surgery that required a month’s hospital stay. I was told they no longer existed and the doctor had died. They would have really helped with my current medical issues. I now get copies of everything and keep them marked and in a safe place.

– Alice C.

in New Jersey


With restaurant prices on the rise, I save money by keeping a zippered bag in my purse full of coupons. If my family and I decide to grab a bite for lunch while out shopping, I have them with me. No more regretting forgotten coupons or missing out on discounts.

– Donna in Texas

Donna, that’s a great idea. We all need to save when we can. If you don’t carry a purse, you can leave a bag of coupons in your car’s glove box.

– Heloise


There are a number of debt relief companies that are scamming people out of money and not delivering what they promise. Here are some warning signs that a debt relief company may not be legitimate:

• It asks for fees upfront before anything has been done for you.

• It tells you to stop all communication with your creditors.

• It guarantees to reduce your debt by a specified date.

– Heloise