… as animals that are not a dog, cat or farm animal. Do you have one or know someone who does? Here are some things to consider:

Ferrets, hedgehogs, snakes, turtles, rabbits –among many others — can be found in pet stores, but there can be problems with keeping them as pets. They require specialized veterinary care, which can be hard to find and expensive.

Habitat is another concern. Tons of research must be done to provide an environment that’s safe and conducive to healthy living. Wild animals may have been taken from their natural habitat, which could have been done illegally. When you take an exotic, sometimes wild animal into your private home and captivity, the animal’s mood and behavior can turn, which can lead to biting and other attacks.

All in all, exotic pets are best left in the care of experts, who will have the time and training to care for them.

– Heloise


There are many cobwebs from spiders around the corners of my ceilings, especially in the living room. What is the best thing to use for getting cobwebs off the ceiling? I am allergic to harsh chemicals such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide.

– Georgia B. via email

Georgia, try using a microfiber cloth attached to a broom to grab and pull them down. Each strand of microfiber is triangular-shaped, which leaves more area on which the webs can settle. Just throw the cloth in the wash when you’re done. Oh, and prevention is practically impossible.

– Heloise


My hint is for people who are irritated by the sock seam that runs across the tops of your toes. It seems that even the more expensive socks have it these days. I simply turn my socks inside out! No one is the wiser. The only socks this doesn’t work with are some intricately woven ones.

– Marsha,

Blairs Mills, PA


After keeping house for 58 years, and even establishing an “orphan sock drawer,” I realized if I put all the socks in a sweater laundry bag they would all match up. No more discovering socks in fitted sheets, etc.

– Wynn in Alabama


Hate fumbling with coffee filters and measuring in the early morning? Separate a month’s worth of coffee filters and pre-measure the coffee into each filter. Then nest them together and store them in a sealed plastic container.

– Robert in Texas