… keeping certain things private on social media private: NEVER post information about future events like “We’re going to be on a cruise next week,” or “I’ll be out of town tomorrow,” or “Our kids will be home alone,” or “I always leave my dog in the backyard,” or “My kids will be walking home from school today.” This is an invitation for the “bad guys” to come and visit your home.

When using social media, keep personal safety in mind — especially anything concerning children.

– Lenore, The Villages, Fla.

Readers, online safety is so important! Also, don’t post those vacation pics until you are back home.

– Heloise


Baking bacon in the toaster oven is a way to make crispy bacon without standing by a skillet. At the same time, the bacon grease is contained and then cooled to either dispose of or to recycle into suet for the birds.

I line the baking tray with foil (up the sides a bit). Then I set the toaster oven to “toast.” When the bacon appears done, I remove the strips to drain on a paper towel. In a few minutes, the grease is solidified and can be folded up in the foil to be tossed or saved.

– Adele M., Derry, N.H.