The nonprofit agency Ohio Paper Folders is seeking donations of origami stars for a public art project titled “Wish Upon a Star.” The hanging piece will make its debut at the James Center at Ohio State University and will travel throughout the region. (Submitted photo)

Ohio Paper Folders is wishing for stars.

The nonprofit origami arts education organization is working on a public art project with Medicine and The Arts at Ohio State University/James Cancer Hospital to collect origami stars from the public. These creations will be included in a project called “Wish Upon a Star.”

The stars are meant to be a celebration and a tribute to the endurance of the human spirit, said Monica Salisbury, a member of the group.

“The idea for the project came about because I lost two friends to cancer in the last two years,” she said in an email.

Ohio Paper Folders received a donation of several thousand sheets of origami paper from McKeeson Corp., and Salisbury said she’d been looking for a project that would put the donation to good use.

“I purchased a condolence card with a poem … ‘Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones shines down to let us know they are with us,'” she said. “And that gave me the idea for this project.”

Submitted stars can be made of any type of paper, in any style and any size.

Participants are encouraged to personalize the stars with poems, names and photographs, Salisbury said. Messages or prayers can be written on the star, or can be inserted inside. Photos of loved ones who are fighting cancer or have died can also be included.

Salisbury said “Wish Upon a Star” will be a hanging piece. All of the stars collected will be suspended by cords from a metal armature, allowing the display to be moved from one place to another. The piece will initially be displayed at the James Center at Ohio State University and in and around the OSU Medical School complex for students, staff, visitors and patients to enjoy.

To date, 850 stars have been collected.

The deadline to submit stars is Feb. 14. Stars should be glued before they are sent so they don’t come apart while on display. Stars can be sent to Ohio Paper Folders, P.O. Box 264, Granville, OH 43023. For more information, contact Salisbury at or visit