BLUFFTON — The annual Bluffton Ohio Center Piano Guild auditions will take place through Saturday in Yoder Recital Hall at Bluffton University.

Fifty-nine students are participating this year, playing memorized programs of two to 15 pieces and musicianship phases of sight-reading, transposition, scales and ear-training. The auditions establish yearly goals in a noncompetitive setting.

Special recognition goes to Jonathan Brumbaugh for 13 years of participation; and to Carl Rupp and David Mace for playing 10 piece national programs for five years. Their pictures and names will be printed next spring in the guild magazine, “Piano Guild Notes.”

Students playing 10-piece national programs include Rebecca Wells, Wyatt Smith, Bria Frankart, Allan Woodall, Nigel Woodall, Sammie Dong, Carl Rupp, David Mace, Alexis Jackson, Ethan Zheng, Emma Otley, Evan Clark, Elizabeth Bourassa, Tyler Cupples, Claire Flake, Emi Kawamura, Miki Kawamura, Morgan Smith, Jada Smith and Jarah Smith.

Teachers are Joan Benedict, Eleanor McCoy, Marlene Rayl, Debra Wyse and Kathleen Price. This year’s adjudicator is Mary Jane Dean of Circleville.