The Hancock County 4-H program recently held the general livestock judging contest with the following results:

Junior individuals: Ava Cramer, Rocky Ford Guys & Gals, first; Wade Kreais, Pride of Pleasant, second; Maia Gearing, Gold Star, third; Shelby Hassan, Clever Clovers, fourth; Lexi Roth, Gold Star, fifth; Kylie Steinman, SoHanCo Livestockers, sixth.

Intermediate individuals: Justin Rausch, Gold Star, first; Cale Parkins, Gold Star, second; Carter Welty, Clever Clovers, third; Mattie Huber, Gold Star, fourth; Abby Breece, His Kids, fifth; Brynn Reese, Gold Star, sixth.

Senior individuals: Zach Bryan, Northwest Stars, first; Jeri Bower, Country Bumpkins, second; Maxie Parkins, Gold Star, third; Austin Rausch, Gold Star, fourth; Matt Roth, Cory Rawson FFA, fifth; Emma Bower, Country Critters, sixth.

Adult individuals: Jill Woodward, first; Beth James, second; Jenn Reese, third; Allen Price, fourth; Sarah Jackson, fifth; Julie Taft-Rider, sixth.

Junior teams: Wesley Hartman, Justin Rausch, Brynn Reese, Cody Siferd, first; Ava Cramer, Harrison Hartman, Wade Kreais, JJ Wenner, second; Eric Davis, Mattie Huber, Will Johnson, Cale Parkins, third.

Senior teams: Zach Bryan, Chloe Kreinbrink, Carter Welty, first; Emma Bower, Amanda Green, Mazie Parkins, Matt Roth, second; Grant Bacon, Jeri Bower, Austin Rausch, third.