Scott Bland is a certified life coach living and working in Lima. He graduated from Findlay High School in 1989 and has earned licenses in life coaching from three institutions. He has worked as a full-time life coach for seven years and recently published a coloring book focusing on mindfulness and mindset. (Provided photo)


LIMA — Scott Bland believes people spend too much time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

As a thrice-certified life coach, he urges people to instead focus their attention on the present.

“I just wanted to deal with the here and now. How can we progress in life?” Bland says.

The answer to that question, of course, is different for everyone. But Bland suggests no matter who or where you are, the first step always begins with mindset.

Bland has personal experience in the process of using positivity in the face of a tough situation. As a double major in music education and theology, Bland began traveling as a singer after graduating from college. Soon into his career, though, his voice gave out and went hoarse for three years. Doctors never did find a reason for his medical condition, but urged Bland to give up on singing.

Disappointed but still hopeful, he came across life coaching as a possible career path which would allow him to put his public speaking skills to use. He now uses this scenario, taken from the pages of his own life, to help convince others of his personal mantra: “Change your thoughts, change your world.”

The 1989 Findlay High School graduate cemented this approach while earning three different life coach certifications. He’s been working as a full-time life coach in the Lima area for seven years, specializing in personal, business and ministry coaching.

He launched Concepts That Work LLC in 2014 and is developing “The Process to Be,” a seven-part online training course. An adult coloring book, titled “Beyond Color,” is based off the seven modules and addresses foundational principles like understanding yourself, active goal setting and speaking your “I am.”

The 68-page coloring book, available online, helps users tap into the benefits of embracing the present, Bland says.

“The designs are really intricate, because it’s been proven — it allows your mind to be taken off what was or what could be, and put it on what is,” he says.

Bland might help an individual on their path to pursuing a career they thought was out of their reach, or help a business reach its full potential. Each approach centers around the power of thought and mindset, encouraging clients to be honest with themselves about their thought patterns, their identity and their belief system.

His process with any client begins with asking open-ended questions which allow the client to “lead themselves to their own answers. It’s really allowing them to speak out of their heart that which they desire.”

From there, Bland helps identify potential obstacles, set a solid goal and create action steps to help make their vision a reality. And he holds the client accountable for their own success.

Along the way, Bland has learned that helping other people to become reconditioned to believe in themselves and empowered to realize their goals helps feed his own identity.

“To see somebody else come alive, that’s my harvest. Because of the seeds that I’m able to plant,” Bland says. “That’s my nutrition.”

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