The 2019 4-H Livestock Judging Contest was held recently, with the following results:

• Junior individuals: First, Hannah Deiter, Rocky Ford Guys & Gals; second, Carson Reese, Gold Star; third, Aubrey Hassan, Clever Clovers; fourth, Olivia Johnson, SoHanCo Livestockers; fifth, Paige Fout, Gold Star; sixth, Caroline Bryan, Clever Clovers.

• Intermediate individuals: First, Wade Kreis, Pride of Pleasant; second, Alana Kizer, Gold Star; third, Tyler Cupples, Gold Star; fourth, Brady Newcomer, SoHanCo Livestockers; fifth, Mackenzi Welch, Country Critters; sixth, Lanie Kompf, Gold Star.

• Senior individuals: First, Brandon Zuercher, Country Critters; second, Amelia Mitchell, Gold Star; third, Megan Inbody, All Around Champions; fourth, Ava Mihaly, SoHanCo Livestockers; fifth, Carter Welty, Clever Clovers; sixth, Mazie Parkins, Gold Star.

• Out of county individuals: First, Cara Schwartz, Allen County; second, Sondra Clum, Allen County; third, Cierra Ackerman, Allen County; fourth, Hudson Phillips, Allen County; fifth, Avery Lawrence, Allen County; sixth, Riley Herriman, Allen County.

• Adult individuals: First, Jill Woodward; second, Jean Ludwig; third, Brooke Anspach; fourth, Beth James; fifth, Jenn Reese; sixth, Kirsten Ebright.

• Junior teams: First, Mackenzi Welch, Will Johnson, Natalie Waltz, Lexi Roth; second, Paige Fout, McKenna Huber, Alana Kizer; third, Lanie Kempf, Makayla Oman, Olivia Bacon, Emma Garmatter.

• Senior teams: First, Brandon Zuercher, Emma Bower, Mazie Parkins, Rianna Sturgeon; second, Tyler Cupples, Cale Parkins, Brynn Reese, Eric Davis; third, Hunter Wilson, Brooklynn Downing, Jeri Bower.