BLUFFTON — Bluffton University President Jane Wood and Dr. Gerald Mast, professor of communication, will host a tour of Europe from Sept. 26 to Oct. 7.

The experience will feature tours of significant Mennonite heritage sites and visits to Zurich and Bern, Switzerland; Strasbourg, France; Cologne, Germany; and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

“I am excited to share our plans for a tour of Europe this fall, featuring significant sites related to the path of Mennonite migrations on the continent. This experience is an extension of Bluffton’s core commitment to cross-cultural learning, which we know is truly a lifelong pursuit,” said Wood. “I look forward to connecting with our alumni and friends as we further explore Bluffton’s Mennonite heritage.”

Mast will serve as a guide on Anabaptist and Mennonite history and travelers will receive a copy of his forthcoming book, “Remembering Anabaptist Ancestors,” as well as a guidebook developed for this tour.

For more information and a full itinerary, visit The deposit deadline is April 3.