McCOMB — McComb officials are awaiting word on the fate of the village recycling bin operated by Hancock County.

Some people have been abusing the service in McComb, according to village representatives. People have been placing household garbage in or near the recycling bin, which is prohibited.

Junk piled around the bin has created an unsightly mess, village residents said.

The Hancock County commissioners, according to McComb officials, have requested information from the Litter Landing recycling center regarding the fate of recycling bins that are placed throughout the county.

The McComb recycling bin is located at the Street Department garage on Maple Street.
According to Village Administrator Kevin Siferd, McComb has no other plan for recycling if the bin is removed.

The bin has been in the village for a few years.

“The public needs to be educated about recycling and what is acceptable recycling items,” Siferd said.

“Certain residents who are continuing to deposit their garbage at the site will have a negative impact and ruin this recycling service for everyone in the whole village,” Siferd said.

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