MARATHON PETROLEUM SAYS its $20 million, 99-room Hancock Hotel in downtown Findlay is on schedule to open in February. The hotel will be available for the public to use. (Photo provided by Marathon Petroleum Corp.)


The ballroom is booked for nearly every Saturday in 2018 and workers are installing carpet, tile and drywall and painting inside Marathon Petroleum Corp.’s Hancock Hotel in downtown Findlay.

“We have a couple of dates left for 2018,” Hancock Hotel General Manager Matt Korsos said Friday.

Korsos and a Marathon Petroleum Corp. official told a gathering of Hancock County Republicans the $20 million, 99-room hotel is on schedule to open in February.

From valet parking to Mancy’s Steakhouse fare, Marathon Petroleum wants locals to feel “comfortable and warm and invited,” said Don Malarky, engineering manager for major projects for Marathon Petroleum.

“We always looked at this hotel and this property as part of the community,” he said. “This property is a public property, it’s publicly accessible. It’s no different than any other hotel in town as far as being able to be reserved, booked by the general community.”

The decor will be meant to draw in local residents and groups.

“We have some photographs from some various communities around the county,” Malarky said. “A number of the large meeting rooms and suite rooms are named after specific things throughout the county.”

Off the 350-person capacity ballroom will be conference and meeting rooms that will support the space needs of local groups as well as Marathon, he said.

Together, the hotel and restaurant will employ 100 people, Korsos said.

First Hospitality Group, headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, is the company which is managing the Hancock Hotel.

Perhaps underscoring the operation’s openness to locals, Korsos took questions, some of them pointed, at the Hancock County Republican Party’s First Friday Luncheon:

Why is the hotel’s front so close to Main Street?

“Ease of use, right? We gotta be right there on Main Street,” Korsos said. “Our driveway is off of Main. We want to make it very convenient for anyone that is coming down the street to be able to pull into the two main drives, kind of drop-off lane, so to speak.”

Most hotels in bigger cities are on a main street and sometimes their driveway shares a lane with street traffic, Korsos said. Hancock Hotel’s driveway will be off Main Street, he said.

What’s the parking arrangement for somebody coming for dinner?

“We are going to be providing valet parking at the hotel. We have some spots in the (Marathon Petroleum) garage that is located directly behind (the hotel) … So, everything will be done from the front drive, which we were just talking about, off of Main Street there. All of your guests will get dropped off. We will gladly take your car from there and park it. You will go have a great evening, have your dinner and drinks. Whenever you are ready to leave, we will pull it back around for you, and you will be on your way.”

What will your room rates be?

“That’s a really difficult question to answer, mainly because they fluctuate every day: supply and demand, seasonality, there’s just a lot of pieces to that that vary,” he said.

“We’ll probably be in the mid-$150s to $200 range-ish. Again, if we’re talking about December, that’s one thing. If we’re talking about June, that’s another,” Korsos said. “We’ll be very competitive with the market. We’re not going to be in some Chicago-tier rate plan.”

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