Bruce Wayne of Tiffin smashed the previous record of consecutive days dining at Chipotle when he reached Day 425 on Dec. 29, and became the new record-holder Dec. 30. Wayne says hes not sure how long hell keep up his dietary challenge, although he is sure it will be a long time from now. He is pictured on Day 437 at the Findlay restaurant. (Photo by Randy Roberts)


On his 437th consecutive day of eating at Chipotle, Bruce Wayne managed to order something he’d never tried before: veggie tacos brimming with bright guacamole.

It’s hard to believe there was a menu item remaining to be tried, but Wayne’s is a story full of “hard to believe” details.

The Tiffin man whose name is actually Bruce Wayne (of Batman fame) broke the record for the most consecutive, documented days eating at Chipotle when he reached Day 426 on Dec. 30.

The process has made him a local celebrity in Tiffin, where fellow Walmart or gas station patrons might see him and say, “Holy Cow! You’re the Chipotle guy.”

He’s also on a first-name basis with most of the staff at the Tiffin Chipotle. “If we went into the Tiffin store, I guarantee someone would yell out ‘Bruce!’ It humbles me every time,” he says.

In neighboring Findlay, though, where The Courier first met up with him way back on Day 151, Wayne can eat his tacos as just an average, queso-loving diner. It’s somewhat shocking he can go anywhere anonymously these days, based on the media attention he’s received since breaking the previous 425-day dining record on Dec. 30.

The New York Post heralded his accomplishment with the headline “‘Superhero’ eats Chipotle for 426 straight days, breaks record.”

The Daily Mail, a British daily tabloid newspaper, announced “Ohio ‘superhero’ named Bruce Wayne breaks Chipotle record.”

Even the “Today” show got in on the action, labeling Wayne a “Burrito-loving ‘hero.'”

The week he broke the record, Wayne welcomed 500 new Instagram followers to an account on which he dutifully documents his daily meal and receipt (@mrwaynethebat). He’s also amassed “legions” of haters who, for various reasons, find fault with his dietary journey.

That’s part of why Wayne accounts for every single day’s meal with a photo — and why he’s got 15 envelopes full of Chipotle receipts, because some people simply refuse to believe a person could be so devoted to a daily burrito or steak bowl.

But in spite of his newfound fame, Wayne remains a personable, down-to-earth guy who can’t quite believe all the attention his little personal challenge has attracted.

“It’s been a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. I love doing that,” he says. Even the haters have a special place in his heart, and he assures he’ll always greet them with “a big ole smile right back.”

Wayne works with adult males at the Tiffin Developmental Center, and he’s been dressing as Batman for various charitable events for the past several years. He loves his life just the way it is, but says if Chipotle wants to give him a job as an official spokesman he might be persuaded to sign on the dotted line — as long as there’s a charitable aspect involved.

The fast-food company hasn’t quite offered that yet, but it has committed to making a charitable donation to the organization of Wayne’s choosing — FACT of Seneca County — in the very near future.

As for how long Wayne will continue his Chipotle streak, he says he’s taking it day by day.

Recent doctor visits have confirmed there’s absolutely no medical reason he needs to change his diet, and Wayne notes the restaurant serves organic food items that are far healthier than most other fast-food offerings.

“I’m honestly not sure when I’m going to quit — just that I’ll wake up one day and go, ‘that’s it,'” he says. “But I do know it’ll be a long time from now.”

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