KANSAS — Parents of Lakota Local Schools students received a recorded call Thursday afternoon from Superintendent Chad Coffman reporting a threat situation at the school. “This morning a student reported to the administration that another student had made threatening comments regarding the school and law enforcement officers,” Coffman said on the recording.

According to Coffman, the school responded quickly to detain the student and notifying the sheriff’s office.

“All threats are taken very seriously and serious consequences have been issued from the school and from the sheriff’s department.

The student has been removed from the school and the school is safe,” Coffman reported.

He added that the situation was not related to the rumor of threats last weekend. Coffman praised the student who reported the threat for speaking up, but said there were others who also overheard the comments and did not act. He spoke about the important of parents talking to their children about what is and is not appropriate to say to and about others.