The historic Jones Mansion will pair four select wines with iconic Girl Scout Cookies for “Cookies and Corks” on Saturday, March 3.

The event is for those ages 21 and over and begins at 6:30 p.m. at the mansion, 313 E. Sandusky St. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the event goes to 9.

Seating is limited and a presale ticket is required. They cost $25 per person and tickets can be ordered by calling 419-427-6110.

Admission price covers the cookies, four wine samples and other foods such as mini-grilled cheese, Brie cheese with blueberries, and other assorted snacks.

Wine can be purchased by the bottle for carry-out or by the glass after the sampling.

The event will also feature a brief history of the wines and their wineries, along with the cookies. Some of the cookies at the event are not normally available in northwest Ohio.

Craig VanRenterghem is a spokesperson for the Jones Mansion and communicated with The Courier by email. His email said two companies make the nation’s cookies: Little Brownie Bakers, which supplies Ohio with cookies; and ABC Bakers.

Because there are two different bakeries, differences can be noticed in the cookies’ names as well as their flavor.

“For example, we know the chocolate covered peanut butter cookie as a Tagalong, but in other parts of the country they are known as Peanut Butter Paddies and have more of a vanilla flavor,” VanRenterghem’s email stated. “Even the iconic Thin Mints have a different look and taste to them. While the Thin Mints from Little Brownie have a chocolate coating, the ones from ABC have a milk-chocolate coating, are thinner, and have more of a crunch when you bite into it.”

Some cookies are made at one bakery, and not the other.

“For example, Savannah Smiles and Toffee-tastic cookies are only made at Little Brownie, whereas Thanks-A-Lots, Lemonades, and Trios are only available from ABC Bakers,” VanRenterghem’s email stated.