CAREY — An “Acts of Kindness” week, to honor the students killed and injured in the Parkland, Florida, school shooting, and to honor “every other student in the nation who has been impacted by school violence,” will be held March 12-15 at Carey school.

Students in all grades will participate, according to a letter signed by five students from the school and sent to parents, community members and the media.

While showing love and respect for each other, the events also will allow students to support violence-free schools and promote safety in schools, according to the letter signed by Samantha Bakies, Lillian Arrendondo, Madison Eley, Laren Barger and Lexia Clinger.

Instead of a “walk out” to protest the recent violence, Carey students and staff will have a “lock in” during school hours. Carey is “dedicated to being ‘Locked in Unity’ to show our positivity and our dedication to being united in loving one another,” according to the letter.

Activities for the week are optional, but students may participate in several events:

  • Monday — Students can sign a mural in the main hallways “to demonstrate our dedication to treating others with kindness.”
  • Tuesday — Students and teachers can write letters to people in the school “that have impacted their lives positively.”
  • Wednesday — National walk-out events at 10 a.m. will be observed by Carey students, staff, faculty and administration who will lock arms in the school hallways, “showing our connection throughout the school building.” During the event, a speech will be read. Students may wear red “to show our love and commitment to each other.”
  • Thursday, March 15 — Students can write compliments “to others they may not know or to whom they do not typically interact with” on “white boards” located throughout the building.

“We at Carey schools are dedicated to making our schools safer, and we believe this is possible by loving each other and by always showing kindness,” according to the letter.