Voters in three Hancock County school districts approved four tax renewals Tuesday night.

Results are unofficial and include absentee ballots.


Liberty-Benton Local Schools will continue to receive funds from two emergency levies that generate $724,600 and $700,000 a year.

The levies appeared as separate issues on the ballot. Both passed by about 66 percent to 34 percent. One passed by a margin of 992 votes to 501; the other was 987 votes to 501.

Together, the levies provide approximately 10 percent of the district’s operating budget.

“We’re very pleased that our district voters have decided to support our two renewal levies,” Superintendent Mark Kowalski said.

He added that voters “recognized the fiscal responsibility that we’ve shown.”

The millage rates of emergency levies are adjusted as property values change, so the same dollar amount is provided each year.

The $724,600 levy was estimated at 3.62 mills and will cost $112 annually for the owner of a home appraised at $100,000.

The $700,000 levy was estimated at 3.5 mills and will cost that homeowner $108 each year.

The levy revenue is used to buy equipment, supplies, technology and other “purchased services” such as electric or gas, Kowalski said.


Cory-Rawson Local Schools asked for and received renewal of a three-quarter percent income tax for five years.

There were 470 votes for the levy and 378 against.

The tax raises about $695,000 per year.

Legally, there are “no stipulations” on use of the tax revenue, said Superintendent Bob Hlasko, but the district allots it for curriculum, classroom resources and other day-to-day expenses.


Arcadia Local Schools voters passed a three-year renewal of an emergency levy that provides $305,000 per year.

That tax passed 362 votes to 282 in Hancock County.

In Seneca County, there was one vote for the levy and no one voted against it.

The millage rate was estimated at 2.54 on the ballot, and the owner of a home appraised at $100,000 will pay $80 annually.

“That is general operating funds,” said Superintendent Bruce Kidder.

The money can be used for salaries, benefits, buying supplies and other operating purposes.

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