A committee that campaigned for passage of a 1.2-mill, 10-year property tax for the Hancock County Department of Job and Family Services raised a total of $21,000 and spent more than $17,000 on the unsuccessful effort, campaign finance reports show.

The tax levy for Job and Family Services would have generated about $2.3 million annually for 10 years to fund child protective services, adult protective services and child care programs overseen by the county agency. The issue was defeated in May with about 59 percent of the votes against the issue and about 41 percent in favor.

Candidates or campaign committees that spent or received $1,000 or more had to file pre-election and post-election campaign finance reports. Friday was the deadline to file post-election reports with Hancock County Board of Elections.

The pre-election report filed by the Hancock County Committee for the Protection of Children and Families had listed a total of $18,993 in contributions and about $11,875 in expenditures.

In its post-election report, the committee said about $6,582 was brought forward from the previous report, contributions for the period were $2,000 and other income was $100, for a total of about $8,682.

Expenses for the latest period were $5,718, leaving a balance of $2,964.

In the latest report, contributions of at least $100 were made by: Tall Timbers Distribution Center, on behalf of Ball Corp., $2,000; and other income from Z4 Consultants, Findlay, $100.

Expenses of at least $100 were: Z4 Consultants, campaign advertising, $5,329; Lit Promotional Items, Spring Valley, Ohio, campaign promotional handouts-bracelets, about $203; Kroger Co., Findlay, food and supplies for a campaign rally, $111.

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