Hancock County commissioners on Thursday approved the transfer of more than $316,569 in additional sales and use tax revenue from the general fund to the flood mitigation capital projects fund.

It was the June payment from the quarter-percent sales tax earmarked for flood-reduction efforts.

The tax money is paid to the state and returned to the county about three months later. Payments will continue until about April 2019.

The commissioners have not placed the tax on the ballot for renewal. The tax is set to expire at the end of this year, but payments will be received during the first quarter of next year.

The commissioners have not indicated if they will seek the tax again. Voters approved the 10-year tax in 2009.

Hancock County voters in recent elections have turned down requests to fund a jail expansion, a new county office building, and assistance for several programs administered by the county department of Job and Family Services.

Separately Thursday, Commissioner Tim Bechtol said he met with Blanchard River Watershed Solutions members to review plans recently presented by Stantec, the engineering company designing flood-reduction plans.

Members of a separate group of rural residents will meet next week about the plans, and a group which includes Putnam County and western Hancock County members has been meeting, too.

The Maumee Watershed Conservancy District is in charge of flood-reduction efforts.

Separately, the commissioners held several conference calls with Wyandot and Wood County commissioners about ditch maintenance assessments for ditches which traverse several counties.

Also, the commissioners held an executive session to discuss potential litigation.

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