Peyton Rettig, 16, of Arlington, who is the rabbit princess at this years Hancock County Fair, takes a close look at a bunny during the open class rabbit show Thursday evening. (Photo by Randy Roberts)

Attendance rose Thursday on the second day of the Hancock County Fair, as “fair” weather arrived.

Ticket chairman Aaron Smith estimated Thursday’s attendance at 16,500, up from Wednesday’s level and above the five-year attendance average of 14,000 for the fair’s second day.

“The weather was great” with highs in the mid-70s, Smith said.

Today is “beef day” at the fair, with an array of beef competitions starting at 10 a.m.

Other fair highlights today include a saddle horse and pony show in the morning, and KOI drag racing in the evening.

More winners have been named in junior fair and open class competition at the fair:


Agricultural Education


Winners were:

Building repair or construction — Eric Musson, Arcadia FFA.

Skillboards — Joseph Tardibuono, Arcadia FFA.

Supervised agricultural experience posters — Jenna Bowman, Riverdale.

Agricultual education projects, $5 or less — Matt Pierce, McComb FFA.

Agricultual education projects, $5.01 to $15 — Blake Wilson, Cory-Rawson FFA.

Agricultual education projects, $15.01 to $25 — Jacob Brown, Cory-Rawson FFA.

Agricultual education projects, $25.01 to $50 — Wyatt Lucas, Arcadia FFA.

Agricultual education projects, $50.01 to $100 — Logan Sterling, Liberty-Benton.

Agricultual education projects, $100-plus — Amanda Green, Cory-Rawson FFA.

Agricultual education projects, grand champion overall — Logan Sterling.

Agricultural Education

Grain & Vegetable

Winners were:

Hybrid corn — Brandon Zuercher, Cory-Rawson FFA.

Sweet corn — Molly Augustine, Cory-Rawson FFA.

Popcorn — Blake Bishop, Arlington FFA.

Tallest corn stalk — Amos Garmatter, Cory-Rawson FFA.

Soybeans — Josh Augustine, Cory-Rawson FFA.

Wheat — Josh Augustine.

Alfalfa hay — Brandon Zuercher.

Three vegetables — Samantha Roth, Cory-Rawson FFA.

Tomatoes — Hunter Myers, Arlington FFA.

Pickles — Matthew Pierce, McComb FFA.

Pumpkins — Mason Pierce, McComb FFA.

Other vegetables — Matthew Pierce.

Overall grand champion — Josh Augustine.


Skillathon winners were:

Beginner — Kathryn Meyer, K-9 Best Friends, first; Odessa Musgrave, Paws Fur Fun, second.

Intermediate — Anna Rider, Raise the Bar.

Senior — KC Critchet, Paws Fur Fun, first; Jessica Haught, K-9 Best Friends.

Obedience/showmanship winners:

Senior showmanship B — Jessica Haught.

Intermediate showmanship B — Allyson Patterson, Raise the Bar.

Junior showmanship A — Odessa Musgrave.

Junior showmanship B — Courtney Snyder, K-9 Best Friends.

Beginner novice A — Maya Domachawski, K-9 Best Friends.

Beginner novice B — Odessa Musgrave.

Pre-novice — Kathryn Meyer.

Novice A — Zach Romero, K-9 Best Friends.

Novice B — Anthony Cramer, Paws Fur Fun.

Graduate novice B — Jessica Haught.

Graduate novice A — Madilyn Youngpeter, K-9 Best Friends.

Best dressed-junior — Courtney Snyder.

Best dressed-intermediate — Zach Romero.

Best dressed-senior — Jordan Roeder, K-9 Best Friends.

Cookie Eating Contest

Winners were:

Ages 3-4 — Jossalyn Craig, first; Piper Pieratt, second.

Ages 5-6 — Daulton Ludwig, first; Grady Becker, second.

Ages 7-8 — Travis Durliat, first; Justin Hartman, second.

Livestock Posters

Beef — Abby Breece, His Kids, first; Trenton Horn, Barnstormers, second.

Sheep — Amber Durliat, Rock-N-Roll, first; Emma Bower, Country Critters, second.

Dairy feeders — Tayler Thomas, Lakeland Leaders, first; Lanie Kempf, Gold Star, second.

Poultry — Anthony Kizer, Gold Star, first; Lilly Conrad, Hancock Hareraisers, second.

Rabbit — Kenedeye Scoles, Gold Star, first; Justin Schiefer, Rocky Ford Guys & Gals, second.

Goat — Hailey Haws, Pride of Pleasant, first; Cindy Durliat, Hancock Hareraisers, second.

Swine — MaKayla Oman, Gold Star, first; Grady Schaublin, Clever Clovers, second.


Skillathon winners:

Beginner — Caroline Bryan, Clever Clovers, first; Maia Gearing, Gold Star, second.

Intermediate — Rebecca Betts, Millstream Farmers, first; Emma Garmatter, Gold Star, second.

Senior — Tristan Cox, Clever Clovers, first; Joshua Leopold, Magic Makers, second.

Boer goat showmanship winners:

Senior — Gavin Biery, Buttons & Bows, first; Chenoa Newman, Rock-N-Roll, second.

Junior — Carson Reese, Gold Star, first; Anna Conley, Country Bumpkins, second.

Intermediate — Emma Garmatter, Gold Star, first; Keegan Putoff, Country Bumpkins, second.

Super showmanship — Evan Thomas, Circle V Riders.

Other winners:

Rate of gain Boer — Makayla Gillfillan, Country Bumpkins.

Champion variety goat — Amber Love, Dirt Don’t Hurt; Reserve champion — Lilianne Mundy, Biglick Buckeyes.

Champion Boer market goat — Brynn Reese, Gold Star; Reserve champion — Amelia Mitchell, Gold Star.

Champion pygmy goat — Caleb Robinette, Clever Clovers; Reserve champion — Jeri Bower, Country Bumpkins.

Champion junior Boer doe — Amelia Mitchell; Reserve champion — Brynn Reese.

Champion senior Boer doe — Amelia Mitchell; Reserve champion — Brynn Reese.


Showmanship winners were:

Senior — Caitlin Quinlan, Buttons & Bows, first; Clayton Skulina, Hancock Hareraisers, second.

Junior — Liberty Voges, Biglick Buckeyes, first; Kateland Keefe, Lakeland Leaders, second.

Intermediate — Jacob Miles, Blue Ribbon Stock, first; Cindy Durliat, Hancock Hareraisers, second.

Super showmanship — Caitlin Quinlan, first; Clayton Skulina, second.


Champion market wether — Amelia Mitchell, Gold Star.

Champion market ewe — Matthew Roth, Cory-Rawson FFA; Reserve champion — Logan McGuire, Clever Clovers.

Champion overall ewe — Austin Inbody, All-Around Champions; Reserve champion — Megan Inbody, All-Around Champions.

Champion overall ram — Luke Metzger, Country Bumpkins; Reserve champion — Megan Inbody.

Champion overall farm flock — Luke Metzger; Reserve champion — Austin Inbody.

Skillathon winners:

Beginner — Makena Brickner, Clever Clovers, first; Emmett Morey, Jolly Shepherds, second.

Intermediate — Breanna Chambers, Lakeland Leaders, first; Clarence Durliat, Horsemasters, second.

Senior — Emma Bower, Country Critters, first; Agnes Durliat, Horsemasters, second.

Showmanship winners:

Senior — Matt Roth, Cory-Rawson FFA, first; Amelia Mitchell, Gold Star, second.

Junior — Logan McGuire, Clever Clovers, first; Drew Metzger, Country Bumpkins, second.

Intermediate — Luke Metzger, Country Bumpkins, first; Wade Kreais, Pride of Pleasant, second.

Super showmanship — Matt Roth, first; Austin Inbody, All-Around Champions, second.

Dairy Feeders

Winners were:

Champion dairy feeder — Grant Clay, Magic Makers; Reserve champion — Lanie Kempf, Gold Star.

Skillathon winners:

Beginner — Grace Hassan, Clever Clovers, first; Kale Price, Biglick Buckeyes, second.

Intermediate — Tanner Bryan, Clever Clovers, first; Lanie Kempf, Gold Star, second.

Senior — Tristan Cox, Clever Clovers, first; Cheyenne Welch, Dirt Don’t Hurt, second.

Jason Hiser Top Skillathon Awards:

Beginner — Mackenzie Schroeder.

Intermediate — Tanner Bryan.

Senior — Tristan Cox.

Showmanship winners:

Senior — Brayden Thomas, Lakeland Leaders, first; Grace Conine, Lakeland Leaders, second.

Junior — Alyssa Launder, SoHanCo Livestockers, first; Blayne Colman, Biglick Buckeyes, second.

Intermediate — Lanie Kempf, Gold Star, first; Mackenzie Schroeder, Northwest Stars, second.

Super showmanship — Brayden Thomas, first; Zach Breece, His Kids, second.

Rate of gain champion — Aubrey Hassan; Reserve champion — Shelby Hassan.


Winners were:

Pony pleasure, English or western — Margaret Meyer, Good Ride.

Pony horsemanship/equitation — Margaret Meyer.

Draft cart class — Shelby Barnhisel, Gentle Giants.

Ranch pleasure — Hayley Mertz, Good Ride.

Ranch riding — Hayley Mertz.

Champion pony presentation — Hollace McDannall, Rocking R Riders.

Team driving — Shelby Barnhisel.

Senior western pleasure — KC Critchett, Horsemasters.

Junior western pleasure — Alexa Brooks, Circle V Riders.

Walk-trot horse/pony first year — Aubrey Dukes, Horsemasters.

Walk-trot horse/pony second year — Madison Brooks, Circle V Riders.

Champion senior pleasure — Hayley Mertz.

Champion junior pleasure — Lillian Hamilton, Good Ride.

Draft single horse line driving — Austin Desgranges, Circle V Riders.

Senior western horsemanship — KC Critchett.

Junior western horsemanship — Margaret Meyer.

Walk-trot horsemanship/equitation horse/pony first year — Aubrey Dukes.

Walk-trot horsemanship/equitation horse/pony second year — Madison Brooks.

Champion senior horsemanship — KC Critchett.

Champion junior horsemanship — Victoria Schroeder.

Western riding — KC Critchett.

Champion walk/trot presentation horse & pony first year — Aubrey Dukes.

Champion walk/trot presentation horse & pony second year — Madison Brooks.

Poles, stakes, keyhole, barrels — KC Critchett.

Champion contester — KC Critchett.

Reining — Chase Steffen, Lucky Horseshoes.

Pleasure driving — Nathan Baird, Rocking R Riders.

Driving horsemanship and cart obstacle driving — Nathan Baird.

Specialty championship presentation — Margaret Meyer.

Champion cart driving — Nathan Baird.

William Cornwell Memorial Versatility — Hayley Mertz.

Trail in hand — Cheyenne Potteiger, Lucky Horseshoes.

Trail — KC Critchett.



Farm Products

Corn winners were:

DeKalb early — Jerry Stauffer.

DeKalb medium — Jerry Stauffer, first; Ethan Heacock, second.

Pioneer early — Mike Kryling.

Pioneer medium — Mike Kryling, first; Samantha Peoples, second.

Pioneer late — Mike Kryling, first; Carter Like, second.

Other variety medium — Richard Herr, first; Miles VonStein, second.

Other variety late — Dean von Stein.

Best single ear any variety — Miles VonStein, first; Grant Schaublin, second.

Table display — Colleeen Boehm.

Wheat, Pioneer — Samantha Peoples.

Alfalfa, first cutting — Aubry vonStein, first; Levi Beagle, second.

Alfalfa, second or third cutting — Caleb vonStein, first; Dean von Stein, second.

Mixed alfalfa and grass — Richard Herr, first; Melissa vonStein, second.

Mixed clover and grass — Caleb Kreinbrink.

Herb winners:

Basil — Jan Morehart, first; Charity Nunez, second.

Rosemary — Jan Morehart.

Mint — Charity Nunez.

Oregano — Jan Morehart.

Largest farm product winners:

Beets — Efraim Bilgili, first; Ronald Stacy, second.

Cucumber — Ronald Stacy.

Field corn longest ear — Richard Herr, first; John Rinker, second.

Muskmelon — Liam Bishop.

Onion — Ronald Stacy.

Potato — Ronald Stacy.

Sweet potato/yam — Ronald Stacy, first; Efraim Bilgili, second.

Tomato — Alexis Neuman, first; Ernie Hile, second.

Pumpkin — Lyle Harvitt, first; Liam Bishop, second.

Zucchini squash — Melissa vonStein, first; Terry Badertscher, second.

Other variety squash — William Mars.

Largest vegetable — Efraim Bilgili, first; Dino Muntz, second.

Largest sunflower — Ronald Stacy.

Tallest sunflower — Ronald Stacy, first and best of show; Rachelle Hartman, second.

Turnip — Cheryl Conkle.

Mr./Mrs. Potato Head winners:

8 years and under — Mae Abbott, first; Zachary Altvater, second.

Nine to 12 years old — Lea Altvater, first; Emma Abbott, second.

Thirteen and up — Diana Horstman, first; Nikki Inbody, second.

Popcorn winners:

White, yellow, strawberry, miniature decorative, any other variety — Terry Badertscher.

Root crops winners:

Kennebec potatoes — Ronald Stacy, first; Terry Badertscher, second.

Red potatoes — Terry Badertscher, first; Olivia Yoakam, second.

Katahdin potatoes — Ted Boehm.

Any other potato variety — Terry Badertscher, first; Ted Boehm, second.

Sweet potatoes — Ronald Stacy, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.

Rhubarb — Dennis vonStein.

Garden beets — Cheryl Conkle, first; Ronald Stacy, second.

Turnips — Cheryl Conkle.

Carrots — 6 inches or under, over 6 inches — Ronald Stacy.

Radishes — Bob Schwab.

Onions, white — Ronald Stacy, first and best of show; Melissa vonStein, second.

Onions, sweet — Ronald Stacy, first; Efraim Bilgili, second.

Onions, red — Melissa vonStein, first; Bob Schwab, second.

Onions, cooking — Ronald Stacy, first; Melissa vonStein, second.

One gallon shelled corn — Samantha Peoples.

Sweet corn winners:

Bi-color — Mike Kryling, first; Ronald Stacy, second.

Yellow sweet — Mike Kryling, first; Jim Myers, second.

White sweet — Ronald Stacy.

Tomato winners:

Canning type — Bob Schwab, first and best of show; Marcia Schwab, second.

Larger than 3 inches — Cheryl Conkle, first; Marcia Schwab, second.

Beefsteak — Bob Schwab, first; Jill DeLaCruz, second.

Yellow — Bob Schwab, first; Marcia Schwab, second.

Italian or paste — Bob Schwab, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.

Cherry — Ronald Stacy, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.

Cherry, yellow — Melissa vonStein, first; Marcia Schwab, second.

Plum tomatoes — Bob Schwab, first; Efraim Bilgili, second.

Peppers winners:

Bell, green-red-yellow — Monica vonStein, first and best of show; Aubry vonStein, second.

Bell, any other color — Aubry vonStein, first; Monica vonStein, second.

Sweet banana — Efraim Bilgili, first; Aubry vonStein, second.

Hot banana — Bob Schwab, first; Monica vonStein, second.

Hot peppers, Jalapeno — Monica vonStein, first and second.

Hot peppers, other variety — Bob Schwab, first; Monica vonStein, second.

Habenero — Aubry vonStein, first; Monica vonStein, second.

Pimentos — Bob Schwab, first; Monica vonStein, second.

Vegetables winners:

Kohlrabi — Bob Schwab.

Green cabbage — Efraim Bilgili, first; Dennis vonStein, second.

Flat Dutch cabbage — Cheryl Conkle.

Red cabbage — Terry Badertscher, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.

Broccoli — Cheryl Conkle, first; Dennis vonStein, second.

Cucumbers for slicing — Dennis vonStein, first; Ronald Stacy, second.

Cucumbers for pickling — Ronald Stacy.

Beans, green — Cheryl Conkle, first; Ronald Stacy, second.

Beans, other variety — Bob Schwab.

Beans, small lima — Bob Schwab.

Beans, large lima — Jim Myers, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.

Watermelon — Miles VonStein, first; Ronald Stacy, second.

Muskmelon — Liam Bishop, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.

Eggplants — Aubry vonStein, first and best of show; Bob Schwab, second.

Striped cushaw — Dennis vonStein, first and best of show.

Zucchini cushaw — Teri Wilch, first; Terry Badertscher, second.

Butternut squash — Ronald Stacy, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.

Spaghetti squash — Bob Schwab.

Yellow straight neck squash — Bob Schwab, first; Marcia Schwab, second.

Acorn squash — Ronald Stacy, first; Bob Schwab, second.

Turk turban squash — Cheryl Conkle.

Patty pan squash — Bob Schwab.

Crookneck squash — Bob Schwab, first; Ronald Stacy, second.

Any other variety squash — Bob Schwab.

Mixed ornamental gourds — Bob Schwab, first; Dennis vonStein, second.

Display of ornamental gourds — Bob Schwab, first and best of show.

Cow pumpkin — Liam Bishop, first; Ronald Stacy, second.

Pie pumpkin — Marcia Schwab, first; Bob Schwab, second.

Mini pumpkins — Bob Schwab, first; Marcia Schwab, second.

Hobbies & Collections

Winners were:

Children’s antiques, ages 12-17:

Key chains — Allyson Patterson.

Pocket knives — Jacob Patterson, first; Tristan Amstutz, second.

Children’s antiques, ages 6-11:

Mini animal figurines — Leader Matthew.

Advertising pens or pencils — Isabella Amstutz, first and best of show.

Rocks — Sawyer Szkudlarek, first; Mae Abbott, second.

Hancock County Fair memorabilia:

Ribbons — Cheryl Conkle.

Photos — Cheryl Conkle.

Advertisement — Cheryl Conkle.

Hobbies and collections winners:

Thimbles — Cheryl Miller.

Coins — Diana Horstman, first; Brandon Amstutz, second.

Christmas ornaments — Judy Cloud, first; Linda McRill, second.

Spoons — Abby Brandle.

Shot glasses — Darla Thompson, first; Tristan Amstutz, second.

Arrowheads — Mark Miller, first; Jay Morehart, second.

Dolls — Christine Patterson, first; Darla Thompson, second.

Golf balls — Linda McRill, first; Cheryl Miller, second.

Political pins — Diana Thrush.

Kitchen magnets — Diana Horstmen, first; Nevaeh Amstutz, second.

Military winners:

World War II military service items — Diana Horstman, first; Deb Curtis, second.

Korean War memorabilia — Diana Thrush.

Red Cross/Civil Defense memorabilia — Ilene Hoy.

Showcase categories:

One-room schoolhouse items — Deb Curtis, first and best of show; Ilene Hoy, second.

Hunting licenses — Deb Curtis.

FFA memorabilia — Vickie Frysinger.

Vintage winners:

Hats — Shelly Johnson-Fox, first; Esther Spaeth, second.

Advertisement item — Karen Moses, first; Sue Williams, first; Jan Morehart, second.

Decorative aluminum — Deb Curtis.

Organization pins — Diana Horstman.

Vintage clothing — Peggy Rinehart, first; Esther Spaeth, second.

Snowglobes — Darla Thompson.


Furniture winners:

Any large piece — Keith McClelland, first and best of show; James Miles, second.

Clocks — Ross Parker.

Item not listed — Glenn Rader, first; Jamey Miles, second.

Miscellaneous woodworking winners:

Birdhouse — Glenn Rader.

What not or bookshelf — Keith McClelland, first and best of show; Ross Parker, second.

Children’s toys — Keith McClelland.

Item not listed — Glenn Rader, first; Matt Haugh, second.

Scroll sawing winners:

Age 14 or older, shelf or hall tree — Keith McClelland, first and best of show.

Age 14 or older, item not listed — Dave Mintey, first and second.

Woodburning winners:

Natural — Robert Haley, first and best of show; Karen Shupe, second.

Colored — Karen Shupe, first; Nancy Fenimore, second.

Decorative — Karen Shupe, first; Maggie Morehart, second.

Woodcarving winners:

In round caricature — Edwin Lobdell.

In round stylized — Richard Fenimore, first and second.

Relief with color — Ross Parker.

Relief chip carving — Nancy Fenimore, first; Karen Shupe, second.

Woodturning winners:

Bowls, plates, hats — Glenn Rader, first; Keith McClelland, second.

Lamps — Ross Parker, first, second and best of show.

Woodworking, children 6-13 years old:

Planter — Samantha Peoples, first and best of show.

Item not listed — Claire Recker.