Attendance was up Saturday at the Hancock County Fair.

Ticket chairman Aaron Smith estimated Saturday’s attendance at 23,000, above the five-year average of 20,500 for the fair’s fourth day.

It was a “real good day,” Smith said.

The horse team pulls in the evening drew a big crowd, as usual, and the Broken Horn Rodeo also was an attraction, Smith said.

The fair continues through Labor Day.

Many more winners were named in junior fair and open class competition:



Winners were:

Champion born and raised meat pen of three rabbits — Matthew Horton, His Kids. Reserve champion — Alex Durliat, Hancock Hareraisers.

Champion independent meat pen of three rabbits — Mia Moore, His Kids. Reserve champion — Justin Schiefer, Rocky Ford Guys & Gals.

Champion single fryer — Karis Moore, Lakeland Leaders. Reserve champion — Carson Skulina, Hancock Hareraisers.

Best of breed winners:

AOV meat — Avery Holland, Hancock Hareraisers.

French lop — Emma Smith, Rock-N-Roll.

Satins — Jacob Miles, Blue Ribbon Stock.

Dutch — Jenna Howard, Rock-N-Roll.

AOV fancy — Elyse Boes, Biglick Buckeyes.

Holland lop — Dakota Holleger, All Around Champions.

New Zealand — Carson Skulina.

Californian — Jon Cade, Hancock Hareraisers.

Mini Rex — Justin Schiefer.

Netherland dwarf — Olivia Coutinho, Jolly Shepherds.

Lion heads — Aris Oman, Horsemasters.

Champion market doe and litter — Brice Hogan, Hancock Hareraisers. Reserve champion — Claire King, Magic Makers.

Champion fancy doe and litter — Aris Oman. Reserve champion — Anna Parkins, Gold Star.

Best of show champion — Carson Skulina. Reserve champion — Elyse Boes.

Coloring Contest

Winners were:

Four-year-olds — Jossalyn Craig, first; Abby Burrow, second.

Five-year-olds — Bently, first; Neveah Amstutz, second.

Six-year-olds — Jolliana Burrow, first; Alexis, second.

Seven-year-olds — Matt, first; Daulton Ludwig, second.

Eight-year-olds — Ethan Rider, first; Carrie Ludwig, second.

Age 9-11 — Becca Ludwig, first; Kylie Steinmen, second.

Age 12-14 — Abigail Schmoeller, first; Emma Garver, second.

Age 15-18 — Amanda Strapp, first; Jenna, second.


Best-dressed champion — Caleb Robinette. Reserve champion — Isabella Shephard.

Goat obstacle course winner — Harper Dickman.

Milk Production

Winners: Tanner Bryan, first; Caroline Bryan, second.




Breed winners:


Heifer junior calf — Jeff Horn, first; William Bateson, second.

Heifer senior calf — April Noel, first.

Heifer junior yearling — Sally Bateson, first; Jason Rinker, second.

Cow 2 years old or older — Dean von Stein.

Bull, yearling — Jason Rinker.


Heifer junior calf — Levi Beagle, first, second and overall Maine-Anjou female.

Heifer senior calf — Bret Rickle.

Cow 2 years old or older — Brent von Stein, first; Bret Rickle, second.

Cow and calf — Bret Rickle.

Bull — Bret Rickle.

Polled Hereford:

Heifer junior calf — John Kramer, first; Avery Reinhart, second.

Heifer senior calf — Schelby Beach, first and overall Hereford female.

Heifer summer yearling — Austin Mengert.

Cow 2 years old or older — Austin Mengert.

Bull, junior calf — Schelby Beach, first and overall male.


Heifer junior calf — Jeff Horn, first; William Bateson, second.

Heifer senior calf — Tyler Cupples, first, overall shorthorn female and overall supreme female; Jake Warnimont, second.

Heifer junior yearling — Jake Warnimont, first; Tyler Cupples, second.


Heifer junior calf — Tyler Cupples, first and overall Simmental female; Jake Warnimont, second.

Heifer junior yearling — Caleb Kreinbrink.

Cow 2 years old and older — Doug Hamilton.

Cow and calf — Doug Hamilton.

All other breeds:

Heifer junior calf — Levi Beagle, first and second.


Breed winners:


Junior heifer calf — Dale Dirkson, first and reserve champion Ayrshire.

Summer yearling heifer — Dale Dirkson.

Senior yearling heifer — Dale Dirkson, first and champion Ayrshire.

Cow 2 years old — Arrissa Swails, first and senior grand champion.

Best three females and product of dam — Dale Dirkson.

Brown Swiss:

Senior heifer calf — Scott Feller, first and junior Brown Swiss champion.

Senior yearling heifer, junior yearling heifer, intermediate heifer calf — Dale Dirkson.

Junior heifer calf — Amy Bower, first; Dale Dirkson, second.

Intermediate yearling heifer — Amy Bower.

Summer yearling heifer — Scott Feller, first and junior Brown Swiss reserve champion.

Best three females, product of dam — Dale Dirkson.


Intermediate yearling heifer — Richard Badertscher, first and junior Guernsey reserve champion.

Junior yearling heifer — Richard Badertscher.

Senior heifer calf — Smith Registered Guernseys, first, junior Guernsey champion, Guernsey reserve champion.

Senior yearling heifer, intermediate heifer calf — Smith Registered Guernseys.

Summer yearling heifer — Richard Badertscher.

Cow 4 years and over — Richard Badertscher, first, senior Guernsey champion, Guernsey grand champion.

Cow 4 years and over — Smith Registered Guernseys, second and senior Guernsey reserve champion.

Best three females — Richard Badertscher.

Product of dam — Smith Registered Guernseys.


Intermediate heifer calf — James Cole, first and junior Holstein reserve champion; Rian Roy, second.

Intermediate yearling heifer — Rex Roy.

Junior heifer calf — James Cole, first, second and junior Holstein reserve champion.

Cow 4 years and over — Rian Roy, first, Holstein grand champion and senior champion.


Senior heifer calf — Dale Dirkson, first and Jersey grand champion.

Junior yearling heifer — Richard Badertscher, first and Jersey reserve champion.

Milking shorthorns:

Cow 2 years old — Dale Dirkson.


Children’s antiques, 12-17 years old, winners:

Key chains — Allyson Patterson.

Pocket knives — Jacob Patterson, first; Tristan Amstutz, second.

Children’s antiques, 6-11 years old:

Mini animal figurines — Matthew Leader.

Advertising pens and pencils — Isabella Amstutz, first and best of show.

Rocks — Sawyer Szkudlarek, first; Mae Abbott, second.

China winners:

Calendar plate — Christina Shinew, first; Sue Williams, second.

Cookie jar — Linda McRill.

Pottery vase — Peggy Rinehart, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.

Cup and saucer — Christina Shinew, first; Nevaeh Amstutz, second.

Salt and pepper shakers — Sue Williams, first; Linda McRill, second.

Glass winners:

Findlay glass — Linda Spahr, first; Krista Miller, second.

Fostoria glass — Linda Spahr, first; Debbie Amstutz, second.

Rolling pin — Diana Thrush.

Bottle — Mark Ruggles, first; Mark Newman, second.

Hancock County Fair memorabilia:

Ribbons — Cheryl Conkle.

Photos — Cheryl Conkle.

Advertisement — Cheryl Conkle.

Hobbies and collections:

Thimbles — Cheryl Miller.

Coins — Diana Horstman, first; Brandon Amstutz, second.

Christmas ornaments — Judy Cloud, first; Linda McRill, second.

Spoons — Abby Brandle.

Shot glasses — Darla Thompson, first; Tristan Amstutz, second.

Arrowheads — Mark Miller, first; Jay Morehart, second.

Dolls — Christine Patterson, first; Darla Thompson, second.

Golf balls — Linda McRill, first; Cheryl Miller, second.

Political pins — Diana Thrush.

Kitchen magnets — Diana Horstman, first; Nevaeh Amstutz, second.


Tinware — Mark Newman, first; Dennis vonStein, second.

Iron — Mark Newman, first; Deb Curtis, second.

Copper — Linda Spahr, first; Tristan Amstutz, second.

Gold or gold plate — Linda Spahr, first and best of show.

Silver or silver plate — Linda Spahr, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.


World War II service items — Diana Horstman, first; Deb Curtis, second.

Korean War memorabilia — Diana Thrush.

Red Cross/Civil Defense memorabilia — Ilene Hoy.

Miscellaneous antiques:

Rocking horse/animal — Sue Williams.

Children’s books — Peggy Rinehart, first; Shelly Johnson-Fox, second.

Souvenir piece — Keith McClelland, first; Sue Williams, second.

Locket — Linda Spahr.

Woodworking tools — Linda McRill.

Baby utensils and/or dishes — Jennifer Strapp, first; Mark Newman, second.

Stoneware/crockery/jugs — Deb Curtis, first; Peggy Rinehart, second.

Jewelry casket — Cheryl Conkle.

Egg beaters (non-electric) — Linda McRill, first; Mark Miller, second.

Showcase categories:

One-room schoolhouse items — Deb Curtis, first and best of show; Ilene Hoy, second.

Hunting licenses — Deb Curtis.

FFA memorabilia — Vickie Frysinger.


Hats — Shelly Johnson-Fox, first; Esther Spaeth, second.

Advertisement item — Karen Moses, Sue Williams, each first; Jan Morehart, second.

Decorative aluminum — Deb Curtis.

Organization pins — Diana Horstman.

Vintage clothing — Peggy Rinehart, first; Esther Spaeth, second.

Snow globes — Darla Thompson.