More winners have been named in junior fair and open class competition at the Hancock County Fair, which runs through Labor Day:

SCHELBY BEACH was the winner of the prestigious showman of showmen competition on Sunday at the Hancock County Fair. (Photo provided)


Showman of Showmen

  • Winner was Schelby Beach, Hancock County Calf Club.

Guys & Gals Lead

Winners were:

  • Pairs — Bryn Griffith and Bella Ewing.
  • Age 5 and under — Sydney Saltzman, first; Tenley Treadway, second.
  • Boys age 6-8 — Kolten Morey, first; Clay Cobb, second.
  • Girls age 6-8 — Tori Wenner, first; Emma Smith, second.
  • Junior champion — Kolten Morey.
  • Boys age 13 and under — Wade Kreais, first; Emmett Morey, second.
  • Girls age 13 and under — Sarah Rider, first; McKenna Morey, second.
  • Age 14 and up — Emma Bower, first; Chloe Heidelbaugh, second.
  • Senior champion — Emma Bower.

Cookie Decorating

Winners were:

  • Age 8 and under — Cara Garver, first; Shelby Jenkins, second.
  • Age 9 and up — Lilly Hartman, first; Brynn Reese, second.

Best-Dressed Small Animal

  • Grand champion — Isabella Rickle.
  • Reserve champion — Amalia Nunez.



Butters winners:

  • Apple — Marcia Schwab, first; Jean Ludwig, second.
  • Pear — Cheryl Conkle.
  • Any other — Marcia Schwab.

Canned fruit winners:

  • Applesauce — Jean Ludwig.
  • Peaches — Jean Ludwig, first; Stephanie Beach, second.
  • Pears — Marcia Schwab, first; Susan Frazier, second.
  • Pie filling, peach — Marcia Schwab.
  • Pie filling, apple — Marcia Schwab.
  • Grape juice with grapes — Marcia Schwab, first; Stephanie Beach, second.
  • Fruit, any other — Marcia Schwab, first and overall best of show; Mary Schwepe, second.

Canned meat winners:

  • Beef — Marcia Schwab.
  • Chicken — Marcia Schwab.
  • Any other meat — Stephanie Beach.

Canned vegetable winners:

  • Tomatoes, whole — Carolyn Witteman, first; Esther Spaeth, second.
  • Beans, green string — Marcia Schwab, first; Stephanie Beach, second.
  • Beans, yellow string — Marcia Schwab, first; Mary Schwepe, second.
  • Tomato juice — Diana Horstman, first; Cheryl Conkle, second.
  • Carrots — Jane Courtad.
  • Any vegetable soup — Jane Courtad.
  • Sauerkraut — Marcia Schwab, first; Stephanie Beach, second.
  • Any other vegetable — Jane Courtad, first; Diana Horstman, second.

Jam winners:

  • Cherry — Marcia Schwab.
  • Peach — Marcia Schwab, first; Carolyn Witteman, second.
  • Strawberry — Marcia Schwab, first; Jane Courtad, second.
  • Raspberry — Marcia Schwab.
  • Any other — Cheryl Conkle, first; Marcia Schwab, second.

Jells winners:

  • Cherry, peach, grape, and any other — Marcia Schwab.
  • Miscellaneous sauces and catsup winners:
  • Barbecue sauce — Cheryl Conkle.
  • Pizza sauce — Marcia Schwab, first; Stephanie Beach, second.
  • Spaghetti sauce — Marcia Schwab, first; Stephanie Beach, second.
  • Tomato catsup — Cheryl Conkle.
  • Salsa, vegetable — Jane Courtad, first; Nancy Thomas, second.
  • Salsa, fruit — Cheryl Conkle.

Pickles winners:

  • Sweet — Marcia Schwab.
  • Dill — Stephanie Beach, first; Marcia Schwab, second.
  • Zucchini — Cheryl Conkle.
  • Pickled relish — Marcia Schwab, first; Stephanie Beach, second.
  • Beets — Cheryl Conkle, first; Diana Horstman, second.
  • Bread and butter pickles — Marcia Schwab, first; Susan Stacy, second.
  • Any other — Susan Frazier.

Preserves winners:

  • Peach and strawberry — Marcia Schwab.


Large Fowl

American class:

Barred Plymouth Rock:

  • Hen — Mason Haugh, first and second.
  • Pullet — Caleb Foltz.

White Plymouth Rock:

  • Cockerel — Claire Recker.

SC Rhode Island Red:

  • Cock — Zachary Altvater.
  • Hen — Zachary Altvater, first; Mason Haugh, second.

AOV Wyandotte:

  • Pullet — AJ Patton, first, second and champion American.

AOV American:

  • Pullet — AJ Patton, first, second, reserve champion American.

All other standard breeds class:

AOV Ameraucana:

  • Hen — Brad Rickle, first and champion standard AOV; Sam Mundy, second.
  • Cockerel — Jackson Shepherd.
  • Pullet — Brad Rickle, first and reserve champion standard; Jackson Shepherd, second.

AOV Standard:

  • Cock — Coy Schlumbohm.

Continental class:

AOV Faverolle:

  • Hen — Ben Riddle, first, second, champion and reserve champion Continental.

AOV Maran:

  • Cock — Rachael Fox.

English class winners:

Black Australorps:

  • Hen — Sam Mundy, first and reserve champion English.
  • Cockerel — Claire Recker, first and reserve champion English.
  • Pullet — Claire Recker, first, second, champion English class, champion large fowl.

Buff Orpington:

  • Hen — Mason Haugh, first; Martha Foltz, second.
  • Pullet — Fidencio Nunez.

Speckled Sussex:

  • Hen — Rachael Fox.

Mediterranean class

SC White Leghorn:

  • Hen — Aubrey Schlumbohm, first, champion Mediterranean, reserve champion large fowl; Wyatt Schlumbohm, second.

Asiatic class

AOV Cochin:

  • Hen — Rachael Fox, first and champion Asiatic.

AOV Langshan:

  • Cock — Lea Altvater, reserve Asiatic.


All other combs clean legged (AOCCL):

NB White Crested Black Polish:

  • Cockerel — Ben Riddle, first and champion AOCCL.

Feather legged winners:

Millie Fleur Belgian BD d’Uccle:

  • Cock — Zachary Altvater.
  • Hen — Lea Altvater

AOV NB booted:

  • Cock — Lea Altvater.
  • Hen — Zachary Alvater, first; Lea Altvater, second.

AOV Faverolle:

  • Cock — Ben Riddle, first, second, champion feather legged, super grand champion.
  • Hen — Ben Riddle, first, second, reserve feather legged.

BD Black Silkie:

  • Pullet — Carla Lehman.

BD Splash Silkie:

  • Pullet — Carla Lehman.

AOV BD Silkie:

  • Pullet — Carla Lehman.

Rose comb clean legged (RCCL) winners:

AOV Bearded D’Anver:

  • Cock — Deb Schlumbohm, first and second.
  • Hen — Deb Schlumbohm, first and second.

Partridge Wyandotte:

  • Cock and hen — Ben Riddle.

White Wyandotte:

  • Cock — Rachael Fox.

Single comb clean legged (SCCL) winners:

Barred Plymouth Rock:

  • Cock — Brad Schlumbohm, first, second, reserve champion SCCL.
  • Hen — Brad Schlumbohm, first, second, champion SCCL.

AOV Plymouth Rock:

  • Hen — Rachael Fox.



  • Old hen — Rachael Fox.
  • Old male — Austin Fox.


Bronze winners:

  • Young hen — Remington Price.


  • Old hen — Rachael Fox.
  • Old tom — Austin Fox.

Royal Palm:

  • Old tom — Lacy Allen, first and best turkey; Chris Allen, second.
  • Young tom — Chris Allen, first and reserve champion turkey; Lacy Allen, second.

AOV Turkey:

  • Young hen — Brad Rickle.


Bantam Duck

Australian Spotted:

  • Old drake, old duck, young drake — Chris Allen.
  • Young duck — Chris Allen, first; Myka Adams, second.

Black East Indie:

  • Old duck — Lukas McIlroy, first and reserve bantam duck.

Gray Mallard:

  • Old drake — Chris Allen, first and best bantam.
  • Old duck, young drake — Chris Allen.
  • Young duck — Chris Allen, first; Myka Adams, second.

Snowy Mallard:

  • Young duck — Chris Allen.

Light Duck

Khaki Campbell:

  • Old drake — Rachael Fox.

Gray Runner:

  • Young duck — Krista Miller.

White Runner:

  • Old drake — Lacy Allen, first, best light duck, reserve super grand champion.
  • Old duck, young duck — Lacy Allen.
  • Young drake — Lacy Allen, first and reserve champion light duck.

AOV Runner:

  • Old drake, old duck — Austin Fox.

Welch Harlequin:

  • Old drake, old duck — Austin Fox.

Medium Duck


  • Old duck — Caleb Foltz.

Black Cayuga:

  • Old drake — Rachael Fox, first and second.
  • Old duck — Rachael Fox.

White Crested:

  • Old drake — Chris Allen, first and champion medium duck; Payne Steffan, second.
  • Old duck — Chris Allen.
  • Young drake — Chris Allen, first and second.
  • Young duck — Payne Steffan, first, second and reserve medium duck.

AOV Medium Duck:

  • Old drake, old duck — Austin Fox.

Heavy Duck

White Pekin:

  • Old duck — Rachael Fox, first; Austin Fox, second.

Gray Rouen:

  • Old drake — Katelyn Davison, first and second.
  • Old duck — Katelyn Davison.

Young duck — Martha Foltz, first and reserve champion heavy.


  • Old drake — Stephanie Beach, first, second and champion heavy duck.
  • Old duck — Stephanie Beach, first and second.


Brown African:

  • Old gander — Stephanie Beach, first, grand champion heavy and reserve champion goose; Stephanie Beach, second and reserve champion heavy.

Sex-Linked Pilgrim:

  • Young gander — Lacy Allen, first, best medium, grand champion goose.
  • Old gander — Chris Allen, reserve medium.

Decorated Egg Contest

  • Pee-wee 7 and under — Charity Nunez.
  • Junior youth, 8-12 years old — Rachael Fox, first and best overall; Faith Allen, second.
  • Adult, 18 and older — Charity Nunez, first; Toni Altvater, second.

Egg Contest

  • Chicken standard, white — Zeke Patterson.
  • Chicken standard, brown — Fidencio Nunez, first; Toni Altvater, second.
  • Chicken standard, colored — Ella Patterson, first and best egg; Stephanie Beach, second.
  • Chicken standard, other — Ella Patterson.
  • Chicken bantam, colored — Lea Altvater, first; Toni Altvater, second.
  • Duck standard, white — Chris Allen.
  • Duck bantam, white — Chris Allen.
  • Turkey-other — Chris Allen.