A Hancock County grand jury has declined to indict a male suspect, who has not been publicly named, on homicide-related charges in connection with the stabbing death of Tyler Wilson on July 25.

Wilson, 19, was stabbed at 725 College St. in Findlay, where he was found in the street with a stab wound to his chest. He was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead.

Four people were identified as being involved in the incident, including Wilson. The other three people have not been publicly named by police.

Hancock County Prosecutor Phil Riegle said the male suspect was a neighbor.

While it was clear the suspect was the one who stabbed Wilson, there are questions about the events leading up to the stabbing, said Findlay Police Capt. Robert Ring, who oversaw the police investigation.

Ring said several people at the scene gave police different versions of what occurred prior to the stabbing.

Wilson’s mother, Kristy Wilson, reacted angrily in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

“If you ‘cooperate’ with the cops you can get away with murdering a defenseless man,” she said.

“I truly hope that no one else has to go through this pain,” she added. “That man has no remorse for taking a life… I am beyond disappointed in this city.”

The grand jury considered the case Tuesday. Nine other indictments were issued Tuesday in unrelated cases.

Riegle said his office presented all the evidence it has been given. He said he asked the grand jury to consider a homicide charge, and a manslaughter charge, generally a first-degree felony.

Jurors declined to issue an indictment.

Grand jury deliberations are not a matter of public record in Ohio, and Riegle said he was not in the room when the jury deliberated.

Riegle said he would pass the case on to Findlay Law Director Don Rasmussen, who could possibly file a negligent homicide charge, a misdemeanor.

Riegle said a handful of “no-bill” cases, which result in no indictments, occur each grand jury term. In the last term, which was May through August, there were two no-bills.

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