Cooper Tire Europe, a subsidiary of Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., may cease production of tires for cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles in Melksham, United Kingdom, Cooper reported Wednesday.

Cooper Tire Europe may stop production of those tires in Melksham and obtain them from other Cooper factories.

That move and related changes could result in about 300 positions out of 732 at Cooper Tire Europe becoming unnecessary over a period of 10 months, the company reported.

Melksham would remain the home of Cooper Tire Europe’s headquarters, sales and marketing offices, Europe Technical Centre and materials business.

It is expected that production of motorsports and motorcycle tires would also continue in Melksham.

“The Melksham tire production facility, in its present form, is not competitive within the Cooper global manufacturing network or the tire industry at large,” the company said.

The Melksham site is an older, smaller facility which does not offer economies of scale. It is Cooper Tire’s highest-cost production site, Cooper said.

“It is Cooper Tire Europe’s current view, subject to consultation, that it is not economically feasible to expand or update the facility” to meet production needs for car, light truck and SUV tires, the company said.