The State Highway Patrol and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation searched along Interstate 75, south of Findlay, on Wednesday for additional evidence in the death of a Michigan man.

Investigators said they found unspecified evidence that may or may not be related to the death of David D. Carter Sr., 39, of Melvindale, Michigan, whose remains were found Oct. 1 along I-75.

“At this point, we don’t even know if it’s related,” said Lt. Matt Crow, commander of the Findlay post of the patrol.

Since Carter’s remains were found in a sleeping bag, troopers have been “walking the ditch lines and checking the ditch lines for any possible other evidence that might be related, and so that’s how (the evidence) was discovered by an on-duty trooper,” Crow said.

Investigators were working along the southbound side of the highway, near Ohio 698, on Wednesday. Carter’s remains were found in a sleeping bag near the tree line off the northbound side of the highway, between Ohio 235 and the northbound rest area.

Anyone with information about Carter’s death should contact the patrol at 419-423-1414 or the Melvindale Police Department at 313-429-1070.