Piper, the cat whose rescue from a drainage pipe at Findlay’s Donnell Middle School attracted national attention in January 2014, has passed away.

The Humane Society and SPCA of Hancock County announced the cat’s death Thursday via a Facebook post.

The cat, who was about 12 at the time, was given the name of Piper after his rescue from the pipe and was quickly adopted by a local family.

Authorities believe Piper became stuck in the downspout pipe after possibly being chased into the sewer system on Baldwin Avenue by another animal. The stranded cat’s meows alerted a neighbor to his predicament, but it still took two more days before Piper could be lured out of the pipe.

By that time, TV news crews, school officials and Humane Society workers had amassed at the scene as school groundskeepers cut through the pipe to try to free the cat. After he refused to come out, Piper was enticed with treats like tuna and sardines.

By the time he was rescued, Piper was hypothermic, emaciated and covered in mud. His body temperature had dropped from a normal 102 degrees to 95.

News reports of Piper’s peril reached across the country and overseas. Piper even had his own his Twitter handle: @StuckFindlayCat. He still had 100 followers at the time of his death.