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ARLINGTON — A state grant will replace some turnout gear and buy new washing machines for the Arlington Fire Department, Village Council learned Monday.

A $12,575 grant from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation should arrive in about eight weeks, according to village officials.

According to Fire Chief Al Latta, the money will pay for two extractor washing machines, 60 new turnout gloves and 60 turnout hoods.

Washing machines are used to extract harmful elements from fire gear following a fire.

Separately, the job to replace water meters in Arlington with new, digital meters is underway. New meters should provide more accurate readings.

But the mission has not been smooth. Recent rain and replacing aging meter equipment have presented challenges, village officials noted.

“It’s a slow process. It’s being done,” said Paul Beidelschies, a member of the Arlington Board of Public Affairs.

About 30 to 35 water meters in the village are located inside residences. Workers need access to those homes to make the switch, so notes have been left on doors asking residents to help arrange a time to replace the meters.

Separately, council wants regular updates from a homeowner on repairs to a North Main Street home damaged by fire about two years ago.

Some progress has been seen, but village officials want to be sure progress continues.

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