Nov. 6, 2018

Attendance: 5


027-2018, second reading, annexing about 36 acres in Marion Township, known as the Hengsteler Annexation.

028-2018, one reading only, authorizing the service director to join the Interlocal Purchasing System or TIPS, a nationwide cooperative purchasing group. Resolution approved 10-0.

029-2018, one reading only, approving a $5,237 expenditure made by Findlay Municipal Court without a purchase order for court recording services with BIS Digital, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Resolution approved 10-0.


2018-68, third reading, granting the city zoning office the authority to enforce the city’s right of way rules. Ordinance tabled on Aug. 7.

2018-97, second reading, establishing a citywide policy for the use of credit cards by city employees. Ordinance tabled on Oct. 2.

2018-99, third reading, appropriating $365,900 for the 2018 annual sewer and manhole lining program. Ordinance adopted 10-0.

2018-100, third reading, appropriating $80,000 from the water fund for a project that will increase capacity at the water treatment plant. Ordinance adopted 10-0.

2018-104, third reading, establishing a dismount zone for bicycles in downtown Findlay. Ordinance approved 8-2, with council members Holly Frische, R-1, and Jim Niemeyer, R-6, opposed.

2018-105, second reading, appropriating $140,000 for roof replacement at the city’s water treatment plant. Motion to waive council’s three-reading rule approved 10-0. Ordinance adopted 10-0.

2018-106, second reading, accepting a right of way dedication plat for Production Drive.

2018-107, second reading, rezoning 2475 Crystal Ave. from “C1 Local Commercial” to “M2 Multi-Family.”

2018-109, first reading, annexing three parcels, each less than one acre, from Marion Township, known as the Humble Robinson Annexation.

2018-110, first reading, zoning the Lone Tree Drive annexation as R1 Single Family Low Density.

2018-111, first reading, appropriating $6,916 to pay the Hancock Regional Planning Commission for administering the city’s revolving loan fund from July through September. Motion to waive council’s three-reading rule approved 10-0. Ordinance adopted 10-0.

2018-112, first reading, appropriating a donation of $5,450 from the Findlay Girls Fastpitch Softball Club and an equal donation of $5,450 from Findlay Youth Baseball to help pay for the regrading of all four fields at Marathon Diamonds. The city had planned to regrade only two fields this year at the park, but the clubs asked that all four fields be regraded. Motion to waive council’s three-reading rule approved 10-0. Ordinance adopted 10-0.

2018-113, first reading, authorizing year-end appropriations and transfers.