Dec. 4, 2018

Attendance: 14


2018-68, third reading, granting the city zoning office the authority to enforce the city’s right of way rules. Ordinance tabled Aug. 7.

2018-97, second reading, establishing a citywide policy for the use of credit cards by city employees. Ordinance tabled Oct. 2.

2018-109, third reading, annexing three parcels, each less than one acre, from Marion Township, known as the Humble Robinson Annexation. Ordinance approved 7-0, with council members Dina Ostrander, R-3, Tim Watson, R-7, and Jeff Wobser, R-at-large, absent.

2018-110, third reading, zoning the Lone Tree Drive annexation as “R1 Single Family Low Density.” Ordinance approved 7-0.

2018-113, third reading, authorizing year-end appropriations and transfers. Ordinance approved 7-0.

2018-114, second reading, authorizing annexation of about 36 acres in Marion Township, known as the Hengsteler Annexation.

2018-115, second reading, zoning the Hengsteler Annexation as “I-1 Industrial.”

2018-116, second reading, rezoning 606 Howard St. from “R2 Single Family Medium Density” to “O1 Institutions and Offices.”

2018-118, second reading, appropriating an additional $1 million to the city’s Severance Payout Reserve.

2018-120, second reading, authorizing the mayor to renew the city’s contract with First Insurance Group to provide broker services for the city’s health insurance plan.

2018-121, first reading, appropriating $130,000 for inspection of sewer lines.

2018-122, first reading, appropriating $225,000 for replacement of the waterline along Stanford Parkway.

2018-123, first reading, establishing the salary ordinance for the city’s non-union, non-elected employees. The ordinance would give city workers a 2.36 percent pay raise next year.

2018-124, first reading, authorizing the mayor to renew a contract with the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency for emergency operation plan development

2018-125, first reading, establishing salaries for the mayor, auditor and law director from Jan. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2023. The ordinance would set the mayor’s salary at $80,300 in 2020, with pay raises matching those given to the city’s non-union employees in future years. The auditor’s salary would be $82,200, with regular raises; the law director’s salary would be $120,000 in 2020, also with regular raises.

Pay raises were last approved for the mayor, auditor and law director in 2015, prior to their re-election. City Law Director Don Rasmussen was given an 8 percent pay raise in 2016, while Mayor Lydia Mihalik and Auditor Jim Staschiak each received 2 percent raises over four years.

Rasmussen’s salary was $110,752 in 2016, and will be $115,226 in 2019.

Mihalik’s salary was $70,890 in 2016, and will be $75,229 next year.

Staschiak’s salary was $70,806 in 2016, and will be $75,140 in 2019.