MOUNTAINS MADE of trash can be seen on the horizon at Sunny Farms Landfill. The landfill failed to meet its first deadline to reduce odors and the case has been referred by the Ohio EPA to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. (Photo by Morgan Manns)

FOSTORIA — The Ohio EPA has cited Sunny Farms Landfill for failing to meet its first deadline to reduce odors, and is referring the case to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

According to orders signed by Sunny Farms on Jan. 31, parts of the landfill that are not currently accepting waste were supposed to be covered with 3 feet of soil by Feb. 28.

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency inspectors visited the landfill on Friday and found “many areas where the facility failed to provide adequate soil cover,” the EPA said.

The landfill is located about 4 miles south of Fostoria in Loudon Township.

“Sunny Farms has failed to put additional soil cover on the landfill, which Ohio EPA believes is an important step in moving them toward reducing odors in the community. Their failure to take action under the orders that were just issued to them demonstrates to the agency that they are not taking seriously their responsibility to reduce odors,” Ohio EPA Director Laurie Stevenson said.

The referral to the attorney general’s office “does not release the facility from their obligations to comply with the Jan. 31 orders,” the EPA said.

The EPA will continue to inspect the landfill for compliance.

Sunny Farms Landfill regional sales manager Ben Nutter addressed the violation during Tuesday’s meeting of Fostoria City Council.

“We worked really hard to get that done. Unfortunately, with the freezing and thawing period, there was a small section that we didn’t get the whole 3 feet on,” he said. “Once it froze again, we went back out, and we have that covered now so we addressed that.”

The Seneca County Board of Health unanimously voted last week to issue a notice of its intention to not reissue an operating license to Sunny Farms.