March 19, 2019

Attendance: 20


009-2019, commending Fire Capt. Timothy Hassan upon his retirement after 34 years of service to the City of Findlay. Resolution approved 10-0.

010-2019, approving two expenditures made by the auditor’s office without a purchase order: $3,170 paid to PCS Engineering Services, Hamilton, for water treatment services; $63,525 paid to Tyler Technologies Project, Plano, Texas, for software maintenance. Resolution approved 10-0.

011-2019, opposing Ohio House Bill 27 due to concerns that it will increase municipal liability in motor vehicle accidents involving first responders. Resolution approved 10-0.

012-2019, renewing the service plan and budget for the Downtown Findlay Improvement District. Resolution approved 10-0.


2019-14, third reading, appropriating $434,000 to the city’s self-insurance fund. Ordinance adopted 10-0.

2019-15, second reading, approving replacement pages to update the city code to reflect 2017 ordinance and resolution changes.

2019-17, second reading, appropriating $270,890 for equipment purchases by city departments.

2019-18, first reading, changing the city’s firefighter complement to allow for the appointment of 63 firefighters, up from 57. The ordinance also changes department ranks.

2019-19, first reading, rezoning Technology Drive from “C2 General Commercial” to “M2 Multiple-Family High Density.”

2019-20, first reading, appropriating $42,935 to pay for the oversizing of the waterline on Hancock County Road 140. Motion to suspend the rules of council and give the ordinance its second and third readings approved, 10-0. Ordinance adopted 10-0.

2019-21, first reading, appropriating a $7,500 grant from the Findlay-Hancock County Visitor’s Bureau to the city airport to make preparations for a June 8 air show. Motion to suspend the rules of council and give the ordinance its second and third readings approved, 10-0. Ordinance approved 10-0.

2019-22, first reading, appropriating $650,000 from the city’s capital improvement budget for the annual street resurfacing and curb repair program.

2019-23, first reading, appropriating $149,000 for Findlay Airport’s beacon and wind cone program, which includes an $84,000 aviation grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation.

2019-24, first reading, accepting the right of way dedication for the Krystal Ridge Subdivision on Bishop Lane.