Fostoria stands to come in for a nice boost to its roadway repair budget under the recent compromise gas tax.

Mayor Eric Keckler said at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting that according to estimates received from the Ohio Department of Transportation last week, the 10.5-cent hike approved by the state Legislature — which would put the new state tax at 38.5 cents on the gallon — would bring in an additional $281,000 in 2020 and $284,000 in 2021.

Keckler said possibilities for the use of the money would include putting it toward a joint project on a state highway with ODOT or for the city to do paving on its own.

“We’ll be talking with the state auditor’s office and then we’ll have a discussion with City Council and we’ll come up with a plan,” the mayor said.

Council took action on an transportation-related issue on Tuesday night by approving the city’s participation in ODOT’s annual road salt bid.

“It allows us to go into ODOT state pricing so that when they go and bid for all the entities that are part of the pool, we should get the best deal that’s out there for salt prices because ODOT usually does demand the best salt prices,” Keckler said. “That should be a good savings for us. We’ve done it in the past and it’s worked out where we’ve come up with a much better salt price.”

Council also allocated $500,000 from the revolving loan fund to a new business called 2307 Corporate Drive to buy the building at that address. The purpose of the purchase has not yet been disclosed.

Also, a second reading was heard for a tax-credit agreement for NSI Crankshaft for business growth and the creation of new jobs.

Keckler told council that he has been in contact with the developers of the planned Dunkin’ restaurant at North Countyline Street and Park Avenue.

The project is still a go, although the anticipated beginning of construction in March did not occur.

“They’ve got issues they’ve got to work through, but hopefully they’ll start sooner than later,” the mayor said