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VANLUE — After Vanlue’s levy proposal in November failed, the school district will be back on the ballot May 7 with a different request.

The district is asking for a 10-year renewal of its $325,000-a-year emergency levy, which was first passed in May 2009 as a combination of two older emergency levies.

That’s different than what the district put on the ballot in November: A substitute levy that would have generated $325,000 in the first year, with the possibility to increase revenue with new construction.

That levy would have been continuous.

“We have operated for 24 years within our current funding and will hope to continue doing so with the ‘renewal’ rather than a substitute levy which was proposed in November,” Superintendent Traci Conley said in an email.

The levy on the ballot in May would produce $325,000 every year, regardless of new construction or changes in property values. Collection would begin in 2020.

“Asking for a continuing basis was risky and we took that risk in November, but now we need to be safe and hope to continue to maintain our school facility and our students’ educational programs,” Conley said.

The levy revenue would pay for operating expenses such as “educational programs, instructional materials, career development, building maintenance, transportation, athletics, music, along with visual arts,” Conley said.

The levy costs $207.20 annually on a home valued at $100,000.

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