Interim Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn has received nearly $24,000 in campaign donations and still has more than half of it on hand as she seeks the GOP nomination for a four-year term, according to the Committee to Elect Christina Terry Muryn.

Muryn will battle Findlay Councilwoman Holly Frische and Hancock County Commissioner Brian Robertson in the May 7 Republican primary.

Campaign financial reports prior to the election were due Thursday.

The Holly Frische for Mayor Committee reported receiving about $6,715 in income with about $591 still available.

Robertson has raised more than $5,200 and has nearly $3,000 on hand, according to a report filed by the Committee to Elect Brian Robertson.

Individual candidates and campaign committees which had contributions or expenses of at least $1,000 were required to file campaign finance reports with the Hancock County Board of Elections.


Muryn was appointed by the Republican Party’s Central Committee to fill the unexpired term of Lydia Mihalik. Muryn will serve through Dec. 31 and is seeking a full, four-year term, effective Jan. 1.

Her campaign finance report listed $23,901 in contributions, about $11,544 in expenses, and a balance of about $12,356.

The finance report lists about $365 of in-kind contributions.

Contributions of at least $100 came from: Nickolas L. Reinhart, Tiffin, and One Energy Ohio Political Action Committee, Findlay, $2,500 each; Michael Mallett, Robin Gardner, Donald C. Templin, Duane Jebbett, all of Findlay, and Debow Freed, Ada, $1,000 each; Jeremy N. Berman, Findlay, $750; Martin L. Terry, Sarah Hughes, John T. Selick, Michael S. Needler Jr., all of Findlay, $500 each; Judy Miller, Fostoria, two separate contributions of $500; G. Jeanne Wasbro, Findlay, $300.

Also, Naren Lakshmipathy of Perrysburg, Christian H. Pedersen, Thomas B. Donnell, Kolleen Kirk, Sharon Rooney, Kerry Kirk, Joseph R. Kirk, Paul T. Kramer, Stacy Reineke, Julie Blatnik, John J. Gilliland, Sherri Garner Brumbaugh, Charles D. Clapper, Lynn R. Child, Julie N. Anderson, Jenny Hohman, all of Findlay, $250 each; Charles Y. Younger, S. David DeVore, Tracy McMath, William H. Conlisk, Nancy R. Sheaffer, Richard C. Kirk, Richard Zydonik, all of Findlay, $200 each.

Also, Vern Preston, Mary Elizabeth Hammond, both of Findlay, $150 each; Gregory F. Hull, Judy Withrow, Elaine Stevens, Robert E. Beach, William P. Worstell, Laurel L. Beutler, Mary Terry, Vicky L. Monday, Jamie Stall, Juel Boes, Roger M. Best, Marla D. Frederick, Sue Harrington-Williams, Donald Williams, Andrea Kramer, Donald R. Malarkey, Michael Lewis, Robert H. Ritter, Susan D. Russel, Donald J. Rasmussen, Wendy S. Davidson, Cheryl Buckland Manley, Amber M. Patterson, Andrew K. Rill, Rodney B. Walton, Colton A. McMath, Melanie Clark, all of Findlay, $100 each.

Expenses of at least $100 include: U.S. Postal Service, $110, postage; City Apparel, Findlay, signs, about $3,649; Liamer Media, Fremont, campaign management services, $1,500; Key Ads, Findlay, advertising, $2,375; Findlay Publishing Co., Findlay, advertising, $1,250; Tri-County Broadcasting, Fostoria, advertising, $700; Blanchard River Broadcasting, Findlay, which is a division of Findlay Publishing, advertising, $990; University of Findlay, printing, about $111; Facebook, Menlo Park, California, advertising, $425; Stripe, San Francisco, California, credit card processing of online donations, about $131. Also, in-kind contributions of food and beverages at a fundraiser, $275.


Frische is the 1st Ward council member on Findlay City Council. She has been on council since 2014.

The campaign finance report listed $4,005 in contributions and about $2,710 in other income, including $548 transferred from a previous campaign, and outstanding loans of about $2,162.

The report listed expenses of about $6,124.

Contributions of at least $100 came from: John and Jamie Kovach, Chris Nagy, all of Findlay, $500 each; William Kirkwood, Findlay, $400; an anonymous contribution (taped on office door), $400; Al Delacruz, Findlay, $340.

Also, Scott and Becky Weasel, Findlay, David Corbin, Arcadia, $200 each; an anonymous contribution (stuck in door frame), $200; Pete and Nan Sehnert, Leroy and Teresa Schroeder, all of Findlay, $125 each; anonymous contribution (left on vehicle windshield), $120; Carol S. Hetrick, Brian Sheehe, Oscar Magee, anonymous (left in mailbox), Paula Harman Smith, Charles and Sandra Dale, Richard Kidwell, all of Findlay, $100 each.

In-kind contributions of about $328 were made by Jamie Kovach, Findlay, for supplies.

Expenses of at least $100 include: Mad Hatter Promotions, Findlay, signs, about $2,021; Findlay Publishing Co. (The Courier), Findlay, advertising, $490; Findlay Publishing Co. (Blanchard River Broadcasting-WFIN radio), Findlay, advertising, $1,400; Marbee Printing and Graphic Art, Findlay, letterhead stationery, about $373; Hogrefe Illustration and Design, Findlay, advertisement, about $213; DAX Copying and Printing, Sunrise, Florida, postcards, $245; Findlay Publishing Co. (Allegra Print and Imaging), campaign materials, about $279;, San Francisco, California, website host, $168; Cramer Signs, Findlay, signs, about $709.

The campaign finance report also listed an “independent expense” of an unknown amount for an advertisement in The Courier paid for by Marlene Rhodes, Findlay.


Robertson is serving his second, four-year term as Hancock County commissioner.

His campaign listed about $197 available from a previous report, $5,265 in contributions, about $2,465 in expenses and a balance of about $2,996.

The report listed about $12,910 of in-kind contributions, with a loan to himself for $4,100; and outstanding campaign debt owed to himself of about $8,531.

Contributions of at least $100 came from: Roderick Wood, Findlay, $1,000; Doug Blakely, Findlay, $500; Kraig Kutschbaugh, Findlay, $400; Rich Kramer, Deborah A. Cook, both of Findlay, $300 each; Brian Whitta, Kerry Trombley, John Pinski, all of Findlay, $250 each.

Also, Jack Croy, Jeffery D. Wobser, Ginger Kutschbauch, Preston Morrison, all of Findlay, $200 each; Christine Brown, Cathy Schock, James Krelling, Alan Chester, Ken Chamberlain, Mark D. Feasel, Tiffany Durbin, all of Findlay, and Betty Robertson, Bordan, Indiana, $100 each.

In-kind contributions that came through Golding & Robertson Corporate Consultants, Findlay, were: campaign analytical software, $3,500; large campaign signs (Signed by Jossette), $3,128; radio advertising, $3,774; robocalls, $150; and Facebook advertising, about $2,053. Also making an in-kind contribution was The Bourbon Affair, Findlay, food for meet and greet, about $216.

Expenses of at least $100 include: Marbee Printing and Graphic Art, Findlay, business cards, about $117; stickers for yard signs, about $533; campaign literature, about $560; early voter mailing (deposit), $600; early voter mailing (remainder), about $441.

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