A CUSTOMER LEAVES the Great Scot store in McComb Thursday afternoon. The grocery store will close down after business today. (Photo by Randy Roberts)



McCOMB — The McComb Great Scot store will be open for its last day today, store Manager Theresa Bryan said Thursday.

“Sales aren’t there,” she said.

The store, at 316 Park Drive South, was downsized last fall from a grocery store to a convenience store by Fresh Encounter, its grocery management company.

Eight aisles, or about half of the store’s space, were closed off. All that remained in the store were snacks, soda, beer, candy and other convenience store items.

That was not enough to keep the store going.

“People all work in Findlay. They’re right there. They buy their groceries there,” Bryan said. “They just come in here to grab one or two items here or there. You can’t survive that way.

“You buy a case of something, (put it) on the shelf and only one item of it sells… It sits until it out dates. You gotta pitch it and buy another case.”

Bryan has seen this scenario play out before in other small towns.

“It’s sad. All these little towns are losing their grocery stores,” she said. “I’m from Columbus Grove. We had two grocery stores and we lost both of ours. Leipsic lost theirs.”

Across the street from the McComb Great Scot is a Dollar General Store. It offers grocery, convenience and a variety of other items.

“They have everything,” she said.

Its parking lot had only one car Thursday afternoon.

Fresh Encounter officials did not respond to inquiries for more information on Thursday.

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