A “SECRET” GARDEN, above, nestled behind a cluster of condos on Fostoria’s Van Buren Street, will be among the gardens that participants will see when the Fostoria Garden Club presents Garden Delights 2019, taking place today around the Fostoria area. (Photo by Morgan Manns / Review Times)

The Fostoria Garden Club is inviting the community to tour some of the area’s gardens.

The Garden Delights 2019 Flower Show and Garden Tour will take place from noon to 5 p.m. today and will feature self-guided tours of 10 different gardens as well as a flower show.

“As a garden club, we want to promote all the beauty that Fostoria has to offer,” club member Sue Gehring said. “We have everything from really small, tiny gardens to your traditional gardens to Gray Park.”

The club hosts the event every other year as a way to showcase some of the hard work going into Fostoria area gardens.

“A lot of people get ideas for their own gardens when they’re on this tour,” club President Carol Kinn said. “It’s not just about the flowers, but it helps design-wise and helps them find ideas for decorations they may want in their gardens or help them find better ways to display certain flowers.”

“They can also get garden tips,” member Lois Trumpler added. “They can ask questions like, ‘I have that flower but it isn’t doing well. What do you do to make yours look so good?’ Or, ‘What kind of plant is that?’ Or, ‘Oh, so that’s not a weed?'”

The stops on the tour include:

Gray Park
417 N. Vine St.

Gray Park is a two-year Garden Club project. Tourists will have the opportunity to hear about the park’s history from local historian Leonard Skonecki, impersonating former Ohio Gov. Charles Foster. Cookies and lemonade will also be served. In 2017, the group put in around $3,345 — from community donations as well as a grant from the Findlay-Hancock Community Foundation — for the revitalization of Gray Park. They continued that project last year by digging up old plant material by the benches, laying grass seed and planting new plants.

White Gate Circle Condos
1427 Van Buren St., units 41-44

Four tiny gardens all next to each other at the White Gate Circle Condos will provide tourists with an experience of landscaping while condo living. Patios and gardens may be only a few feet apart, but officials ensure each one will offer its own unique twist with explosions of color, a secret shade garden, decorations and a plethora of plant materials. The gardeners at this address are Doris and Harry Lehman, Ruth Feisel, Sue Gehring and Phyllis and David Garn.

Fostoria Woman’s Club
135 E. Fremont St.

This stop on the Garden Tour will house the Flower Show. The show will feature various floral arrangements, flower specimens, plants and other items on display, all put together by local gardeners. While attending, visitors can enjoy a piece of homemade pie and ice cream.

Cortland and Jeanne Heykoop
1007 Gerlock Drive

A variety of raised gardens will be seen at the Heykoops’ residence, featuring a curved walkway that passes a weeping crab tree with underplanting of English Ivy. A footbridge leads to a side lot, housing raised herb and rose gardens.

Ruth and Daryl Schilt
1020 Township Road 243

The rear garden of the Schilts’ spacious property opens up to a large patio featuring various shrubs and plants in numerous outdoor potted plants. The arbor is complete with a swing and seating area covered in wisteria.

Barb and Bill Reineck
1074 Courtly Road

Surrounded with gardens, the Reinecks’ property will take tourists from the front yard accent to a backyard pool centerpiece, with a variety of ornamental trees and potted flowers. Woods serve as a backdrop to a large country garden behind the pool, complete with bird feeders and hummingbird stations.

Karla and Jason Yoakam
23043 County Road 226

Featured in previous Garden Tours, Karla and Jason Yoakam’s farmhouse-style residence features a pergola, a potting shed and paver and pea-gravel patios. A new barn completes the landscape, surrounded by flowerbeds of perennials and hostas.

Tickets will be available the day of the event at the Fostoria Woman’s Club or any of the houses on the tour at $7 per ticket.

The tickets will include the addresses and the homeowners’ names as well as a map of Fostoria indicating where the garden tour stops are located. Proceeds will be used on future improvement projects to spruce up landscaping areas around town.

Additionally, the locations of the eight temporary downtown outdoor sculptures and the locations of the three downtown murals are included in the tickets so that participants may also enjoy those visual delights on their tour through town.

For more information, contact Kinn at 419-435-1718.

Review Times reporter Morgan Manns contributed to this story.