Findlay and Van Buren school levy committees filed pre-primary finance reports with the Hancock County Board of Elections by last week’s deadline.

Findlay City Schools is asking voters for a 5.9-mill, 5-year additional levy for current operations, while Van Buren Schools is seeking approval of a 1 percent income tax for five years, also for current expenses.

Findlay levy

Citizens for Findlay City Schools Inc. listed about $1,481 brought forward from its last report and $22,878 in contributions for a total of about $24,359. The committee reported $1,505 in expenses for a balance of $22,854. There were also $100 of in-kind contributions.

Contributions of at least $100 included: Findlay Superintendent Edward Kurt, Findlay, $100; school Treasurer Michael Barnhart, Findlay, $100; Brooke Imke, Findlay, $150; Scott Scriven LLP, Columbus, $2,500; Assistant Superintendent Troy Roth, $100; Reineke Ford Lincoln Inc., Findlay, $1,000; school board member Susan Russel, Findlay, $500; Charles Construction Services Inc., Findlay, $1,000; Laura Eier, Findlay, $150; Chad Doll, Findlay, $1,000; Jeff Shrader, Findlay, $100; Old Fort Bank Co., Findlay, $250; Lyndsey Stephenson, McComb, $100; Findlay’s Tall Timbers Distribution Center, $1,500; Donald Williams Jr., Findlay, $150; Kelly Young, Van Buren, $100; Reineke Ford Lincoln Inc., Findlay, $1,000; Findlay Education Association, $1,813; school board member Kathy Siebenaler Wilson, Findlay, $100; Kimberly Plesec, Findlay, $100; Carrie Aldrich, Findlay, $100; school board member Matthew Cooper, Findlay, $100; Bliss BL LLC, $100; Kathleen Young, Findlay, $100; National Lime and Stone Co., $2,000; Kelly Stahl, Fostoria, $100; Findlay North PTO, $167; Glenwood PTO, $167; Lincoln School PTO, $167; Chamberlin Hill PTO, $330; Whittier-Wilson Vance PTO, $167; RCM Architects, Findlay, $500; C. Paul Palmer IV, Findlay, $2,000; school board member S. Jane Robertson, Findlay, $200; Susan Chesebro, Findlay, $100; Donnell Middle School PTO, $167; UIS Insurance and Investments, Tiffin, $1,000; Thomas B. Donnell, Findlay, $1,000; Dennis McPheron, Findlay, $100; Kirk Brothers Co. Inc., $1,000; Findlay Education Association, $1,060; Findlay Trojan Club Inc., $250.

In-kind contributions of at least $100 was: Doug and Stephanie Wendt, Findlay, $100, 2,000 postcards for Findlay High School staff.

Expenses of at least $100 were: Blanchard River Broadcasting, Findlay, $1,500, radio advertising.

Van Buren tax

Van Buren Levy Committee listed about $1,395 brought forward from the last report and about $7,329 in contributions, for available funds of about $8,723. Expenses were $4,335 and a balance of $4,388.

Contributions of at least $100 included: Jamie Stall, Findlay, $500; Sharon Lafountain, Findlay, $100; JDJC Investments Inc., Findlay, $500; Jeffery Comer, Findlay, $100; Bradley Gregory, Findlay, $500; Oral and Facial Surgery Inc., Fostoria, $500; Tabler Insurance, Findlay, $1,000; Rebecca Bowman, Findlay, $250; Enhanced Surfacing, Findlay, $100; Fornes Inc., Findlay, $300; Workplace Development, Findlay, $500; Aqua Lawn, Findlay, $250; David Ware, Findlay, $300; John Reineke, Findlay, $100; Battle Gear, Findlay, $100; Dawn Jacobs, Bowling Green, $100; Jamie Stall, Findlay, $250; Melissa Grady, Findlay, $100; Buckeye Harley-Davidson, $827.

Expenses of at least $100 included: Katie Griffin, Van Buren, about $567, yard signs; Jason Clark, Van Buren, $937, first mailing; Brian Beining, $213, no purpose listed; Katie Griffin, Van Buren, about $1,050, yard signs; Jason Clark, Van Buren, about $1,535, second mailing.

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