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RANDY RAYMOND, owner of Marbee Printing, is pictured next to one of the boxes containing absentee ballot applications for the primary election that he has placed throughout the county. (Photo provided)



Randy Raymond, owner of Marbee Printing, 2703 N. Main St., wants people to vote in the all-absentee ballot primary election that continues until later this month, and he’s helping to make it easier.

Marbee Printing, 2703 N. Main St., has a contract with the Hancock County Board of Elections to print voting information, the ballot and the return envelope for absentee ballots. But Raymond also is printing 10,000 applications for the ballots and has placed them in plastic boxes at various locations through Findlay and the county. (A list of locations can be seen here.)

Residents can take an application, complete it and mail the application or take it to the elections board office, 201 E. Lincoln St., rear entrance. There is a drop box near the back door. Once the application information is verified by the elections board, a packet with the primary ballot will be sent to the voter.

The plastic boxes are similar to those used by real estate agents to provide information sheets to interested homebuyers. Volunteers will let Raymond know when application forms are running low, and he will provide more forms.

The application also is available online at the elections board website: https://hancockcountyohioelections.gov where it can be downloaded, completed and sent, or placed in the collection box at the elections board.

April 25 is the deadline for requesting a ballot application, and the deadline for submitting a completed ballot is 7:30 p.m. on April 28, the final day of the extended primary.

Raymond said he’s encountered many people who don’t know the new deadline.

“It’s our right (to be able to vote),” he said, and the primary turnout is usually low in Hancock County.

“I just want people to vote,” he said.

“If we don’t make it simple, people won’t do it,” he said about the absentee ballot method being used exclusively in this election.

Some people may not have a computer and are unable to see the application, he said, or they may not have a printer, or access to one.

Raymond is printing the ballots and distributing them at his own expense as a private citizen, according to the elections board. He is not affiliated with the Hancock County Board of Elections.

Voters are reminded that those who have already cast ballots either at the elections board office or by mail prior to the postponement of the March 17 primary over concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic should not vote again. Their votes will be counted as part of the election.

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