FOSTORIA FRESHMAN DASHANI TAYLOR placed third in the long jump at Saturdays Northern Buckeye Conference league meet with a leap of 14-93/4.. (Photo by Douglas Lear)


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MILLBURY — Elmwood’s Comeback Kids helped pave the way for a big day for the Royals’ boys in Saturday’s Northern Buckeye Conference track and field championships at Lake High School.

Senior Jonah Childress, having come back from a displaced ankle fracture sustained in the first football game of the season, collected two wins and classmate Brock Reinhard, who missed last season with an ACL tear suffered playing basketball, claimed a victory in the pole vault as Elmwood finished second in the boys team standings.

Eastwood won the boys team championship with 1681/2 points to 117 for Elmwood. Fostoria High School finished last in the eight-team field with eight points.

Eastwood topped Rossford 132-117 for the girls championship, giving the Eagles 18 consecutive team titles in the Suburban Lakes League and NBC. Fostoria was seventh with 33 points and Elmwood was last with 17.

“It was a really good team effort today,” Royals coach Eric Poffenbaugh said of his boys squad. “We took advantage of some other teams’ shortcomings and it paid off for us. The guys were really focused. They knew that it was going to take everybody, and it did. We had guys who are freshmen and sophomores contributing scoring for us who we didn’t think we were going to get points out of, and that ended up being the difference for us.”

Childress claimed the 400 in a personal-best time of 51.52, just .26 of a second faster than Eastwood’s Jacob Hahn. He then combined with Garrett Wright, Marshal Tienarend and Matthew Cline to win the 1,600 relay in 3:31.04, a season-best time for the Royals.

Elmwood also gained a triumph from junior Austin Murphy in the 800 (2:02.91).

Typically, the 1,600 relay is a meet’s final event, but due to a temporary shutdown of the event due to a steady rain, the boys pole vault concluded Saturday’s action. And Reinhard took center stage with a 14-foot winning clearance.

Reinhard returned to sports in his senior season of track after Childress made it back halfway through the basketball season.

The rehabilitation work they put in has paid off.

“It says a lot about their character,” Poffenbaugh said. “It says a lot about them as the young men that they are. And they’re going to go on past this and do some amazing things.”

Childress was unable to walk for two months after sustaining his injury last August.

“It feels great,” Childress said of Saturday’s results. “It’s been tough. It’s been a long process.”

Before missing last season, Reinhard set a school record of 14 feet in the pole vault as a sophomore. He’s gone as high as 14-6 this year, resetting the school mark. After Saturday’s win was locked up, he missed on two tries at 14-9.

His unsuccessful attempts at raising the school record did not put a damper on the championship.

“This is what I’ve dreamt of doing since seventh grade, so this is huge,” said Reinhard, who before competing himself on Saturday provided support to freshman cousin Morgan Reinhard as she took seventh in the girls pole vault at 8 feet. “It’s humongous. When I tore my ACL last year, I thought my pole vault was, like, done. But I put some work in in the offseason and it brought me here.”

Fostoria’s best finishes in the boys meet were sixths by Dominic Jackson, Roberto Pina, Xavier Diaz and Donte Hampton in the 400 relay (49.08) and the 800 relay (1:44.73).

The Fostoria girls had greater success. Freshman Dashani Taylor went 14-93/4 to take third in the long jump, and she combined with sophomore Macey Sheets and freshmen Haili O’Neal and Taylor Sauber to place third in the 400 relay (54.48).

“It would have been nice to see a couple of more be right in the middle of that pack, as far as third,” Fostoria coach Kim Fant-Cousin said. “I was really hoping for a nice day today from Bathsheba (Smith), but she’s been suffering from shin splints all this week, so we’re just trying to keep her in the game and trying to get her legs somewhat healthy.

“But you know, when you’re running with a squad where the majority of them are freshmen, to produce what they’re producing, I can’t complain about that.”

The top showing for Elmwood’s girls was McKenzie Mercer’s second in the discus at 104-1.

Eastwood junior Erik Fertig was named the boys athlete of the meet in the field events as the conference boys athlete of the year, while Rossford junior Kaitlyn Clark was chosen as girls athlete of the meet in track events as the NBC girls athlete of the year.

Eastwood’s Billy Barker was named boys athlete of the meet in track events, and Genoa’s Alexis Byer was selected as girls athlete of the meet in field events.


1, Eastwood 168. 2, Elmwood 117. 3, Rossford 113. 4, Genoa 80. 5, Otsego 77. 6, Woodmore 62. 7, Lake 36. 8, Fostoria 8.


SHOT — 1, Fertig (East) 52-4. 4, Bechstein (Elm) 43-5.

DISCUS — 1, Fettig (East) 157-7. 4, Hudson (Elm) 117-9.

HJ — 1, Bench (Gen) 6-2.

LJ — 1, Szymanski (Lake) 20-. 5, Gudger (Elm) 18-8. 8, Childress (Elm) 17-2.

PV — 1, Reinhard (Elm) 14-0. 6, Sachs (Elm) 11-6.

3,200 RELAY — 1, Eastwood (Barker, Boyer, Chappuies, Trombly) 8:18.81. 5, Elmwood (Barnhisel, Armbruster, Jenkins, Reynolds) 9:02.24. 8, Fostoria (Cobb, Jordan, Keller, Twining) 10:27.55.

110 HH — 1, Wendt (East) 16.51. 3, Stearns (Elm) 16.89.

100 — 1, Smith (Ross) 11.55. 5, Garner (Elm) 11.91.

800 relay — 1, Rossford (Pietrasz, Pickett, Teague, Szczublewski) 1:34.15. 2, Elmwood (Joey Childress, Jonah Childress, Cline Wilhelm) 1:34.75. 6, Fostoria Senior (Jackson, Pina, Diaz, Hampton) 1:44.73.

1,600 — 1, Hoeft (Gen) 4:37.14. 6, Armbruster (Elm) 4:56.23.

400 relay — 1, Eastwood (Comes, Emahiser, Arman, Vongphachanh) 44.83. 2, Elmwood (Cline, Garner, Gudger, Wilhelm) 45.81. 6, Fostoria (Diaz, Jackson, Hampton, Pina) 49.08.

400 — 1. Childress (Elm) 51.52. 7, Wright (Elm) 55.72.

300 ih — 1, Eick (Ross) 42.30. 2, Tienarend (Elm) 43.57. 6, Stearns (Elm) 43.67.

800 — 1, Murphy (Elm) 2:02.91. 6, Jenkins (Elm) 2:12.04.

200 — 1, Schiavone (Wood) 23.68. 3, Wilhelm (Elm) 24.45. 5, Cline (Elm) 24.99.

3,200 — 1, Coffman (East) 10:26.64.

1,600 relay — 1, Elmwood (Jon. Childress, Wright, Cline, Tienarend) 3:31.04. 8, Fostoria (Keller, Jordan, Twining, Hampton) 4:16.63.


1, Eastwood 132. 2, Rossford 117. 3, Woodmore 112. 4, Lake 109. 5, Genoa 85. 6, Otsego 57. 7, Fostoria 33. 8, Elmwood 17.


SHOT — 1, Bryer (Gen) 35-7.

DISCUS — 1, Bryer (Gen) 107-10. McKenzie Mercer (Elm) 107-1. 8, Jones (Fos) 89-7.

HJ — 1, Meyer (East) 5-6 (meet record).

LJ — 1, Johnson (Lake) 15-7. 3, Taylor (Fos) 14-9. 8, Douglas (Elm) 12-4.

PV — 1, Henneman (Gen) 10-0. 7. Reinhard (Elm) 8-0. 8, Murray (Elm) 7-6.

3,200 RELAY — 1, Woodmore (Beam, Thatcher, Bauder, LaMunyon) 10:09.21. 6, Fostoria (Kagitani, James, Hickle, Sheets) 11:56.09.

100 IH — 1, Briggs (Lake) 15.92.

100 — 1, Clark (Ross) 12.85. 8, O’Neal (Fos) 13.97.

800 relay — 1, Lake (Jackson, Briggs, Askins, Staczek) 1:49.16. 4, Fostoria (Sheets, O’Neal, Smith, Sauber) 1:53.58. 7, Elmwood (Douglas, Troike, Schramko, Reinhard) 2:04.60.

1,600 — 1, Beam (Wood) 5:35.27.

400 relay — 1, Eastwood (Swartz, Schmeltz, Lang, Kwiatkowski) 51.22. 3, Fostoria (Taylor, Sheets, O’Neal, Sauber) 54.48. 7, Elmwood (Douglas, Spanfellner, Schramko, Dibling) 58.84.

400 — 1, Clak (Ross) 1:01.02. 7, Smith (Fos) 1:07.68.

300 Lh — 1, Cherko (Ross) 48.69.

800 — 1, DeBortoli (Ross) 2:28.93.

200 — 1, Clark (Ross) 26.75. 5, O’Neal (Fos) 29.01.

3,200 — 1, Beam (Wood) 12:08.03.

1,600 relay — 1, Rossford (DeBortoli, Cherko, Durco, Clark) 4:12.24 (meet record). 4, Fostoria (Sheets, Hickle, Smith, Sauber) 4:37.35. 8, Elmwood (Mossbarger, Reinhard, Schramko, Spanfellner) 4:53.41.