After a runner-up finish in the Sandusky Bay Conference River Division and its first nine-win season since 2014, Tiffin Calvert landed four seniors on the all-conference first-team selections voted on by league coaches and released this week.

The Senecas had unanimous picks in running back Austin Jones, defensive back Nick Somodi and linebacker Josh Recker. Somodi also made the first-team as a receiver and was joined by guard Luke Brickner.

Calvert finished its season 9-2 overall and 6-1 in the SBC River, losing its tournament opener to unbeaten Pandora-Gilboa on Saturday.

Lakota nabbed a pair of first-team selections led by unanimous pick, junior running back Trevor Franks, and senior guard Zach Collum.

Fremont St Joseph’s senior lineman Noah Price, a first-team pick on offense and a unanimous first-team pick on defense, was named the league’s most outstanding performer.

Gibsonburg claimed the conference crown, sweeping the conference schedule 7-0, including a 28-26 win over Calvert in Week 4.

All-SBC River Football


OFFENSIVE LINE — Matt McFarland, sr., Fremont St. Joseph; Zach Collum, sr., Lakota; Hunter Smith, jr., Gibsonburg; Luke Brickner, sr., Tiffin Calvert; Jake Foster, jr., Gibsonburg; Noah Price, sr., Fremont St. Joseph; Cameron Volz, sr., Sandusky St. Mary. RUNNING BACK — Austin Jones, sr., Tiffin Calvert; Trevor Franks, jr., Lakota; Brad Mendoza, sr., Gibsonburg. WIDE RECEIVER — Brevon Polacheck, sr., Willard; James Weaver, sr., Margaretta; Nick Somodi, sr., Tiffin Calvert. END — Tallen Kennedy, jr., Margaretta. QUARTERBACK — Nick Leibacher, sr., Margaretta. SPECIALIST — Alex Baez, jr., Fremont St. Joseph.


DEFENSIVE LINE — Noah Price, sr., Fremont St. Joseph; Zach Mahl, sr., Willard; Aiden Fullam, sr., Sandusky St. Mary; Elijah Reed, sr., Fremont St. Joseph; Jake Foster, jr., Gibsonburg. LINEBACKER — Jerrett Sowers, sr., Willard; Wil Roth, sr., Sandusky St. Mary; Hunter Smith, jr., Gibsonburg; Brad Mendoza, sr., Gibsonburg; Josh Recker, sr., Tiffin Calvert. DEFENSIVE BACK — Nick Somodi, sr., Tiffin Calvert; Grant Stepanic, sr., Fremont St. Joseph; Addison Weaver, sr., Gibsonburg; Saylor Evans, sr., Danbury; Theo Hernandez, jr., Gibsonburg.

MOST OUTSTANDING PERFORMER — Noah Price, sr., Fremont St. Joseph.


OFFENSIVE LINE — Lewis Fabrizio, sr., Tiffin Calvert; Raven Brant, sr., Willard; James McClung, sr., Sandusky St. Mary; Tim Newton, sr., Margaretta; Villny Volpe, jr., Tiffin Calvert; Zach Mahl, sr., Willard; Jack Militello, jr., Fremont St. Joseph. RUNNING BACK — Everett Samstag, jr., Sandusky St. Mary; Grant Stepanic, sr., Fremont St. Joseph; Theo Hernandez, jr., Gibsonburg. WIDE RECEIVER — Joey Holida, sr., Willard; Brevan Moore, sr., Margaretta; Carter Reinhart, jr., Lakota. END — Andrew Milton, sr., Gibsonburg. QUARTERBACK — Cooper Parrott, jr., WIllard. SPECIALIST — Brycetyn Hedden, jr., Margaretta.


DEFENSIVE LINE — Zach Luma, sr., Margaretta; Deven Keim, sr., Lakota; Andrew Farris, jr., Gibsonburg; Jake Seifert, jr., Tiffin Calvert; Nick Krajewski, sr., Tiffin Calvert. LINEBACKER — Nick Patchen, jr., Sandusky St. Mary; Caleb Reed, soph., Fremont St. Joseph; Jager Hacker, jr., Margaretta; Trevor Franks, jr., Lakota; Carter Reinhart, jr., Lakota. DEFENSIVE BACK — Brevon Polacheck, sr., Willard; James Weaver, sr., Margaretta; Brevan Moore, sr., Margaretta; Collin Hipsher, sr., Lakota; Aaron Rombach, jr., Tiffin Calvert.


OFFENSIVE LINE — Kade Gravenhorst, jr., Margaretta; Nick Hade, sr., Gibsonburg; Brandon German, sr., Danbury; Josh Holida, sr., Willard; Tyler Bradner, jr., Lakota. RUNNING BACK — Jarett Sowers, sr., Willard; Brycetyn Hedden, jr., Margaretta. WIDE RECEIVER — J’Marshion Owens, sr., Sandusky St. mary; Myles Pinkston, soph., Willard; Jessie Arriaga, jr., Gibsonburg. END — Noah Lindenberger, jr., Fremont St. Joseph. QUARTERBACK — Trenton Cooper, sr., Tiffin Calvert; Addison Weaver, sr., Gibsonburg. SPECIALIST — Logan Streacker, fr., Lakota.


DEFENSIVE LINE — Damyon Short, soph., Willard; Tallen Kennedy, jr., Margaretta; Tayven Halbisen, jr., Gibsonburg; Kade Gravenhorst, jr., Margaretta. LINEBACKER — Jonathon Rothhaar, soph., Willard; Mitch Raifsnider, soph., Margaretta; Brycetyn Hedden, jr., Margaretta; Jordan Willmarth, soph., Lakota; Brandon Wunder, soph., Danbury. DEFENSIVE BACK — Cooper Parrott, jr., Willard; Myles Pinkston, soph., Willard; Andrew Bostic, sr., Willard; Kyle Pelz, jr., Sandusky St. Mary.