CAREY — Seventeen Carey Marketing/Distributive Education Clubs of America students will compete in national competition April 26-30 in Orlando, Florida.

The students will compete with eight projects. Participants and the projects include:

• Skylynn Doss, professional selling.

• Brady Penwell, hospitality and tourism professional selling.

• Ellie and Whitney Southward, start-up business plan.

• Sadie Arend, Cailin Crawford and Bailey Tanner, innovation plan.

• Kirsten and Morgan Etzinger, entrepreneurship promotion project.

• Ally Eley, Hayden Kemerley and Austyn Penwell, learn and earn project.

• Amber Barchus, Hariti Brahmbhatt and Austin Littlejohn, financial literacy promotion project.

• Sydney Arend and Tyler Littlejohn, integrated marketing campaign — product.