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You can use this form to submit obituaries.

Please mail the form to:
The Courier
Obituaries, P.O. Box 609,
Findlay, Ohio 45839

Drop off this form to:
The Courier
Obituaries, 701 W. Sandusky St.
Findlay, Ohio 45840

Scan and email the form to:

Obituary Information

Contact Information

Policy: Obituaries and Funerals are considered news and are published without charge. Families and funeral directors may add information and a photo to Obituaries, and a fee is charged for publication. You can email paid obituaries to obit@thecourier.com. If you are using this form to submit a paid obituary, please indicate in the dropdown box located in the form itself. Entries without a name will be ignored.

*Survivors include the deceased’s spouse, children, siblings, parents and grandparents. Please indicate “step” or “half” relationships. Companions, caregivers and fiancés may be listed only if he/she resided with the deceased. Nieces and nephews may be listed only if they are the only survivors.