Well I don’t know how
But you’re a big boy now
Come on and take a bow
Cause you’re a big boy now  –  John Sebestian

Dear Kenneth,

I am writing this letter to you on this frigid day in January 2018, not to be opened by you until your 20th birthday in the winter of 2038.

I might be dead right when you open this or too old to remember writing this letter, but I wanted to apologize to you on behalf of some of our readers of this day.

Remember Jan. 1, 2018? Of course you don’t. You were just a newborn, appearing in a front page photo of The Courier as the county’s first baby of that year.

You looked so cute, as your parents looked on in proud wonderment.

Boy, you caused a storm in your first day on the planet!

Some readers protested, vehemently, that your parents may not have been married at the time of your arrival.

Your parents might have been married but kept their surnames, or maybe they got married later. As if that was anybody’s business.

You’ve probably noticed that some holier than thou types who want government out of one’s private life are the first to decry behavior in another’s lifestyle that doesn’t meet their approval.

As if is was their business.

I image that, as your read this letter, you’ve been aware that some churches of hate have been shuttered, later re-opened as daycare centers, clinics and other worthwhile purposes.

See, Kenneth, I bet that your generation has gotten more right than we did today, that the ability to love is larger than the capacity to hate.

Heck, your generation may have solved climate change!

And treating women with decency is viewed as common sense in your generation.

So have a wonderful life, Kenneth.



P.S. Hope my Steelers have won another Super Bowl!