You know that you are
(Cold, cold) (as, as) (ice)
As cold as ice to me
(Cold, cold, cold) (as, as, as) (ice)  –  Foreigner

The recent deep freeze was an endless topic of conversation.

Cold enough for you?, I was asked often.

It could be worse, was my standard reply. It could be flooding.

With that reply, conversations usually paused with nods of knowing approval over that alleged wisdom.

Yet I am guilty of a cliché at local coffee shops, whenever a barista takes my coffee order during a cold spell.

“Just pour that coffee on my frozen head,” I often quip, knowing that there might be a time that an annoyed clerk will honor that request.

Cold weather surrounds us.

In Cleveland, a winless football coach threatened to jump into a cold lake; Many fans probably wanted him to stay there until spring.

One night I was watching the film “The Martian” at home, a story of an astronaut stranded in a freezing space module.

Wrapped in an afghan and not wanting to run up a huge electric bill, I was sitting in a chilly living room as I empathized with his fate.

The astronaut, Matt Damon, was searching for solutions. So was I.