The heat is on, yeah, the heat is on, the heat is on
Burning, burning, burning  –  Glen Frey

OK, so I was wrong.

Shopping for a new auto last spring, I finally decided on a newer model.

The dealer informed me this car came with heated seats.

Heated car seats? Who really needs heated seats? Certainly not in spring time.

Still, it was a cool motor car, so I made the purchase. The heated seats were not a factor in this decision.

The owner’s manual warned that a driver should not nap or pass out while using heated car seats for a prolonged period.

Which begs the question: If you’re snoozing while speeding along Interstate 75, don’t you have bigger troubles?

Fast forward to December when the temperature dropped to 29 degrees.

Thank heaven for heated seats! The instant warmth was welcomed.

Moreover, on the dashboard is a light that goes on, along with a single ding, whenever the mercury falls to 39 degrees or below.

Which begs another question: Why do you need a warning system to tell you that it’s cold outside?

Do people accidentally wear swim trunks in their vehicles during winter, only to turn blue without warning?